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December 17 2013

Pivot to show Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the US. They'll be showing it alongside Veronica Mars in a Women Empowerment Programming Block called the "Buffy and Veronica Power Hours". This'll kick off on January 13th.

Power Hours?...Does this mean I have to get trashed while watching?!? AWESOME!
It's amazing how "Buffy" has been syndicated so many times... first it was regular off-network syndication in 2001-2002. Then it re-run on FX for years. Then it popped up on Oxygen, Teen Nick, Logo, and Chiller... I hope the actors are getting nice residuals with all those airings.

BTW, for those who don't know what channel Pivot is, it was formerly known as the 'Documentary Channel' before it went a makeover.
Good initiative. No idea what Pivot is, but I approve of putting Buffy and Veronica Mars in a power hour. Even if said hour would necessarily have to be more than an hour long, seeing as how both shows have an approximate minimum episode length of 41 minutes (and that's without commercial breaks).
So.....does this mean FX Channel will be dropping "Buffy" reruns from its schedule AGAIN?

Of course I have the DVDs, but I like to see "Buffy" syndicated on major cable channels--the better for newbies to discover the show. Besides, FX has been doing something that no other syndication outlet has done in YEARS: Restore a lot of the episode content that steadily eroded away on other channels, in lieu of commercials.

It's been a refreshing change. Now soon to end?
They should get Xena, too. Be nice to see that back on American TV again.
I have the same question as mjkbk. FX can't afford to lose programming with FXX making new demands for programming.

Pivot attracted my attention when it showed Friday Night Lights in reruns. I am happy that Buffy is being added to the mix.
Don't believe I get this channel as part of my satelite package or that it's offered at all by the provider, but I am glad there's a new chance for fresh faces to check out Buffy!
Pivot will contextualize the shows, presenting them with exclusive commentary from fans, experts and academics, to both celebrate these two great series and begin a dialogue with our viewers.
So where do we sign up?
" Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated series, which ran for six seasons from 1997-2003"

Are they skipping a season?
I think they're just being a tad biased, NickSeng, and not counting the first 12 or so episodes as a full season (which it wasn't in was a mid-season start/replacement for the WB, unlike the UK or modern broadcasting habits). Castle is in the same boat, with all of its Season 1 and basically half of Season 2 falling in the same calendar year.

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