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December 17 2013

Funko announces Buffy Pop Figures and Re-Action Figures. The Scooby Gang is getting the cute vinyl treatment!

I've not really cared about any of these before, but now I might have to start a collection
What's a Re-Action figure?

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We need DEETS, PICS! What is the what, FunCo?
Judedeath, I have no idea...

Best i could find/guess is it's a remake of classic figures. So maybe they're gonna make more of the old Buffy figs?
My dad an I were JUST being all disappointed that Buffy Pop figures didn't exist, like, last week.

I guess we can be un-disappointed, now. This is exciting.
I think they're doing Firefly as well by the looks of it.
For the wondering, ReAction is new action figure line by Funko & Super 7 that is basically a throwback to older style action figures. The "Re" part comes from "retro."

The first set, which comes out in January (pre-orders started this past summer) is of five "Alien" figures apparently made from unproduced molds made for the movie in 1979. They are all individually packaged on cards that look very retro.

Also, the "ReAction" logo is clearly referencing Kenner, who made many of the action figures from the 1980s and 1990s.

I don't know if the Buffy ones will be 80s style like these or if they'll look more like Kenner figures of the late 90s, but either way I think I'll be there day one.

Here's a few links to the "Alien" ones:
Sorry all, forgot to hyperlink those above. For those who don't want to copy and paste, here they are hyperlinked.
On the plus side, Funko's Pop! figures are sold in Barnes & Noble book stores, so they will have a high profile, at least among those who buy books. On the neg side, both their Pop! line and their ReAction line are, well, I guess it's "art" of some kind - some hideous kind.

But perhaps Funko's efforts will prompt a revival of realistic action figures. I'd love for someone to make Season 8 and 9 Buffy figures in the size of the original Buffy figures from MAC and DST.
Oh, I love Pop! figures. The thought of a Spike is making me hyperventilate!

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Would like modern style action figures instead please. :/

Apparently they are making Firefly in modern action figure style, so that's something.

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Oh and it looks like theyre making Firefly Pop vinyl ones too! I have the Nightmare Before Christmas Pop figures and they are frickin adorbs.

I'm surprised the'yre not making the Buffy ones of those too, but if they have the license they hopefully will down the line. Cool!
Yup, the announcement that in late 2014 Firefly figures will be made in a 6" line Funko is calling the "Legacy" line - which they say will be as detailed as Star Wars 6" Black Series figures - is the best news of all. I worry that the less-detailed, smaller figures they will be making earlier in 2014 will confuse and outrage people though. People will need to know to wait for the Legacy figures coming much later in the year if they want real quality Firefly figures.

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