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December 17 2013

Once Hollywood's best kept secret, Chiwetel Ejiofor is now a name to remember. Variety has a feature on Ejiofor, who's on the cover of their new issue.

Maybe this is the wrong thing to take away from the article, but...I am honestly astounded Ejiofor was only 27 when filmed his role as the Operative for Serenity! That he's only in his mid-30s, when I thought he would be somewhere between Nathan and Adam in age. Guess he has a mature face...


Still, the comments about his methodology for choosing roles and the quotes fron Nathan really add a new element to his turn as the Operative. While I've never assumed he did Serenity for the salary alone, it's great to hear that Joss' script caught him the right way and made him give a full A-game.

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“We were a cancelled Fox show and he brought some real legitimacy to us.”

Did anyone else think, "...And based on what little I've seen of your operation, I suspect that's something you could use."?
Said it before, will say it again: the Operative is one of the greatest villains ever written! Obviously Joss gets huge credit, but it's thanks in no small part to Ejiofor's brilliant performance in that role! Nothing but mad admiration for the guy :)
Gotta love the "worst" kept secret of Chiwetel Ejiofor lol!
27 in Serenity? Wow. He brought so much to that role.
He is an extraordinary actor. So happy everyone knows this now - because for one thing it means he will now be in leading roles, frequently, so we'll be seeing more of him.
I really am shocked as well that he was only 27 in Serenity. He has such presence. Really thrilled that he's broken through.
This is a fantastic article. I really hope he will be considered for James Bond when Daniel Craig is done. Obviously, the script and director would have to be very good, but I think it's time for a minority Bond and his words about 12 Years a Slave and feeling the responsibility and significance of it shows he could be perfect choice, though obviously it's a different kind of responsibility and significance.

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