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December 18 2013

Trickster God impresses in Coriolanus. More proof (like any was needed) of the impressive range of the multi-talented Mr Hiddleston. It looks like a very impressive production all round, though being at the Donmar, I would imagine the entire run will be thoroughly sold out.

But according to the wikipedia article ( will also air in cinemas in the UK (and maybe internationally?) on 30 January 2014 in partnership with National Theatre Live.
SO even if it is sold out, there might be a chance to see it.
Yeah, I noticed that when I read the review on the Guardian website, unfortunately I'm out that night.
You can find movie houses carrying the Jan. 30 live broadcast at the National Theatre Live web site.
The NTLive airing is world wide - not just UK and they are adding more venues all the time. I've booked that and am lucky enough to have tickets for the Donmar too (happy Xmas to me)

The production sold out within about 20 minutes or so (after being open to Donmar friends/supporters first of course). However you can still get tickets each Monday through Barclay's front row and queuing for returns etc before performances.

Joss was there on the 15th and tweeted his review "holy balls". Much to the joy of Hiddles and Josie Rourke.
I love NTL so much for giving me access to amazing London theater from way over here in California. They do a wonderful job with the filming.

They do encore showings, too, if you can't see it that day. Saw Danny Boyle's Frankenstein (from a few years ago) that way in October & have tickets to see it again with reverse casting in Jan. Just incredible. Definitely going to Coriolanus (and War Horse!)
Oh wow, jcs - I had no idea there were filmed versions of these plays in theaters here in the US. Bookmarked for general awesomeness. I did see Coriolanus is listed for my area.
Yes @jcs - I managed to see one of the Frankenstein encore screenings and Othello with Lester/Kinnear this year too. It's brilliant because I just don't have the time more than anything else to get to London as often as I'd like.
Ah, I saw the line of fans standing outside the theater that press night. I was tempted to join them for a chance to meet this talented man... Maybe I will soon :)
I bought tickets to this 6 months ago... My sis and I are going to fly from LA to London to see it, and spend 2 weeks in Europe...

To say I'm excited is an understatement! :D

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