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December 18 2013

A very exclusive variant cover for Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1. You can only get this one at Acme Comics in Greensboro, North Carolina. It make a cool prize for a CSTS event.

Huh, why the one comic book shop? I'm actually not a fan of the style but am curious how these covers happen in general.
It's an interesting question, hann23...maybe that shop does a heavier business in Dark Horse Comics than they do in DC, Marvel or other "smaller" imprints compared to other stores and DH is rewarding them? Joe Quinones is from the Greenboro area and worked a deal with DH for the shop to get an awesome exclusive? Or did DH decide via throwing darts blindfolded at a list Quinones provided?

This was asked on the Star Wars section of the Dark Horse message boards a while back. Essentially, any shop can special order an exclusive cover--it's just a very expensive proposition, as the shop has to pay the full cost of the art being created and Dark Horse putting it on the book.
Thank you for that information, Niels van Eekelen...kind of hard to fathom even the most successful of comic book stores, except maybe the Secret Stash shops founded by director/writer/actor Kevin Smith, putting down the coin for an exclusive cover. Or is there a large enough Browncoat population around Greenboro or in North Carolina itself to allow for the costs to be recouped?
Thank you Niels van Eekelen. I had no idea that's how it worked. It does seen quite expensive for a store.
My guess is that the owner is a major browncoat and wanted to do something extra special.
I like the style/concept but I think the likenesses are terrible.

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