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December 20 2013

(SPOILER) Synopsis for Agents of SHIELD episode 1.12 "Seeds". This will air on January 14th.

Interesting. Could this mean that Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer will appear on the show? That would be cool.
Ian Quinn will be back. Interesting.
The actor playing Donnie Gill was excellent in "Let Me In". He also played Jack's son in the last season of Lost.

Is this the first time Jed has written something without Maurissa as his writing partner?

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Ian Quinn will be back. Interesting.

I've been rewatching the series during the holidays, looking for old clues to pop up about character backstories, serialized plot lines, etc. I figured that Ian Quinn had to come back at some point. He has the right combination of wealth, ambition, and sleaze to be the power behind all the medium-bads we've seen so far. And he probably wouldn't be happy to see Skye again.

I've never gone negative on AoS, but on rewatching I'm really liking what I see. There's more consistency to be seen in a binge-rewatch, and it centers around the original tag line, "not all heroes are super." This was never intended to be a super-hero show, and when Coulson tells someone that his team is "that good," that's what it's about. I'm really looking forward to seeing where Coulson and his team go.
Ian Quinn, in his first episode, did a presentation and made a reference to the EU, SHIELD and another organisation. Can anyone remember what it was?
Quinn's presentation blasted the US, EU, SHIELD and possibly others for holding back "business" and "progress." At the same time, he was announcing Gravitonium, and noting that his presence in Malta made him immune to constraints from those US, EU, and SHIELD baddies.

On second thought, yeah, nothing suspicious there.
There's no way I can do this without showing my true colours as an annoying smartass: Malta is very much part of the EU. Apparently there is some dodgy stuff going on with shipping registration, but they've got the Euro and all...
So, it puts Agents of SHIELD in the long tradition of American TV series that are quite liberal with European geography and politics.
Malta is very much part of the EU

Do they know that in Brussels? Seems like they only pay attention to those little islands when the island threatens to collapse the Euro.

Anyway, the EU has been playing footsie with Turkey and the Ukraine for years. How are us Merkins supposed to know what's actually "European" any more?
In a World.
Where Marvel creates entire Countries,
and we have super-humans of all stripes.
You find a moderately warped Malta weird ?

Odd, very odd. :)
The United Kingdom is part of the European Union, though it's a fairly hands-off deal last I checked, since the Pound is the official currency instead of the Euro, so Malta being a member but having laxer laws wouldn't astound me.

I do have to wonder if there's any plans in the show or the movies to mention countries like Genosha or Symkaria or Latvaria...seems doubtful, but one never knows.
Back on topic... I have not watched trailers or read synopses, so I'm spoiler-free at the moment, and this is pure speculation on my part.

I'll wager ten quatloos that
I'd like to back up MissKittysMom's statement about binge watching. I watched the first nine episodes on Sunday and the show really pulls together when watched back to back. F.I.T.Z. may be my favorite episode, because Natasha really knocks it out of the park once she think she is going to die. Hits you right in the feels, as the kids are saying today.

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