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December 20 2013

IGN's top ten TV action stars. Buffy/Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured on this list of tv action stars.

Maybe it's just poor editting, but it isn't a "steak." And the bionic shows of the 70s used slow-motion for super-strength, too, I beleive (or was it normal speed with a change of focus and the theme music"?)
Nice to see Buffy above Xena, and the write up on Nikita is on point. Frankly she should be higher on the list(right behind Buffy in Xena's spot), Maggie Q rocks
Adrian Paul should be on that list somewhere, some of the other choices are a joke and could easily be replaced by him
I agree Adrian Paul should at least have had a showing.
There's just no love for Mrs Peel these days. Or Gene Hunt come to think of it.
I'm glad that Maggie Q made the list but I don't get how Sarah is so high? Buffy makes sense, but most of her action scenes were done by a stunt double, unlike Jennifer Garner who actually did most of hers.
Really pleased to see Jim Caviezel on this list. He does all of his fight scenes, and it's brilliant to have all the closeups and not the long-shot disconnects when a stunt man has to step in. Good work, and difficult as hell. He must put in a lot of extra hours learning his chops.
A fair question, Winchester, though the list has at least a couple of entries where the odds of the actor/actress doing most of the stunts their characters undertake are low...Sarah Michelle Gellar, Richard Dean Anderson, David Hasselhoff, Lee Majors. It's not an excuse, but Ms. Gellar isn't alone in the title being a tad dubious ;D
I can't bear to watch the Maggie Q so-called Nikita.

Glad to see Bruce Campbell, because there are few things I love more than my Brisco.

No Arnold?
the fight scenes in alias were a lot less flashier than buffy's, buffy's fighting style was a lot fancier and faster and that made her look more like a superhero, had smg been cast as sydney she would've accomplished the same as jennifer just look from season 5 of BTVS onwards
Let me preface this by saying that I am a big Bruce Campbell fan, but he shouldn't be on that list. Most of the best action scenes on Burn Notice were done by his younger co stars. Also, his most memorable action star role was not in TV but in movies (Ash from Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness). That was Bruce at his best. The Burn Notice Bruce Campbell is kind of an over the hill, has been.

Were it my list, I'd have bumped him off and replaced him with Duncan from the Highlander TV series. That show had amazing sword fights and he is a real life martial artist.

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