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December 21 2013

A round-up of reviews for last week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode. 411mania said 'The Bridge' was "a great episode that finished with a satisfying cliffhanger". IGN gave the episode 7.8 and TheHDRoom 7.5. SFX gave 3 1/2 stars and Den of Geek did the same saying "the guy talk between Ward and Coulson while cruising in Lola was one of the best moments of the season". TVOverMind said the show needs "to start getting a bit clearer on what the overall arc for the season is". The Guardian recapper marked up the show's report card. The Escapist had some interesting parting observations on the episode and the Paste reviewer concluded with "it's hard to do anything but grin at Marvel's nail-biter of an end-of-year send-off".

Thanks for posting some more positivity.
Seconded. I always appreciate your review round-ups. I did get the impression that these sources gave previous episodes higher grades, but those certainly aren't bad either.

The Escapist's crazy fanboy theory thought on the Clairvoyant is one of the options I also speculated on in some other thread recently - with the same 'con' included of the suspect in question normally looking pretty ridiculous.
I think I'm mostly hoping for AoS to involve Marvel's alien race 'the Kree'. A couple of high-profile Kree characters feature in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie ('Ronan the Accuser') so it would be a nice way to connect the TV-series to the intergalactic reaches of Marvel's (Cinematic) Universe.

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