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December 21 2013

"The Age of Enthusiasm": Internet memes, viral marketing, and Jayne hats. A discussion of how "enthusiasm" spreads rapidly online, and how corporations struggle to understand it and turn it into profit. The iconic Jayne hat is one of the article's central examples.

This is a really good article, but rather than discuss I just I have to say that this description of JayneHatGate is possibly the funniest thing I've read all year...

"Fairly or not, the tone was such that it came off to fans as a ham-handed, cold-hearted, fish-lipped approach that could not have felt more like a brush with The Man if someone had actually come to people's houses, confiscated their fuzzy knit hats, and unraveled them into piles of yarn.

And then taken off with the yarn.

And used it to knit sweaters for lawyers."
Haha, yes. I enjoyed that description as well. It almost sounds Whedony in its cleverness. :-)
That was a very well-written article, but I was surprised to see no mention of Chuck and Subway. Some enthusiasts have figured out to speak about their passion in a way that makes sense to The Man, and this seems to me like an unfortunate omission.

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