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December 23 2013

TV Guide Magazine's 60 Best Series of All Time. In honor of TV Guide's 60th anniversary, they have compiled this list. You are only allowed one guess as to which Whedon show is on it!

These lists are always open to argument and opinion, but it's actually a pretty fair round up.
Yes, I agree. This is a fair list. While I might change the rankings a bit, I see only a couple of shows I would omit. Despite its popularity, I would replace Oprah with Phil Donahue,for instance. He was on longer and really blazed a trail that opened the way for Oprah and other shows in the genre. (But that really dates me!)
Take out Lost.
Put in Firefly.
Leave Lost alone. :)

Of course I love Firefly, though.
I'd like to think that having Buffy on there means that they also consider Angel one of the greatest of all time but simply didn't feel like having two spots on the list taken up by the same universe.

That list is very much lacking in animated programming. If you're going to have The Simpsons on there, you need to included a series like Batman the Animated Series as it was highly influential. People would have more accurate lists if they did them by genre. There should be a top 60 list for comedies and a top 60 list for dramas.

Also, for all my love of Firefly, it has nothing on Lost for its impact on TV and pop culture. Had it had a few seasons, maybe I'd be singing a different tune but Firefly was cut down before we could see what it would have ultimately developed into.

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I personally was surprised the reimagined Battlestar Galactica wasn't on the list... But that might be because I just finished it the other day.
It is on the list, towards the bottom.
Ah! That's what I get for mobile. :P Sorry 'bout that.

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