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October 07 2002

(SPOILER) BtVS 7x03 Same Time, Same Place. Link to the evil wildfeed. It's a Jane Espenson script, so expect the funny.

... and funny it was. I'll reserve commenting until it actually airs.

It was funny---old time Buffy humor. So, other than the 'obvious' parallel with "Out of Mind, Out of Sight (aka Invisible Girl)" what other Buffy from the beginning episodes did this one mirror? And how cool was Camden Toy as 'Gnarl'---a cross between Gollum and 'The Gentlemen'. ;) Big on the 'ew' factor.
Uhuh, creepiest MOTD since... well, since The Gentlemen in Hush or Der Kindestod in Killed by Death. I also kept getting 'Erlkonig' vibes off him, the way he talked.

Other episodes mirrored? Um, there was a bit of 'Family' vibe to it, and there was the repeat of Willow's find-the-demon spell (previously attempted and messed up with Tara).

Was Spike talking to Adam at one point? The whole slips, permission, authorisation thing, and this one in particular: "you try to wall up the bad parts, put your heart back in where it fell out, you call yourself finished but you're not, you're worse than ever, you are". I thought perhaps this was "Hostile 17" talking, influenced by the chip.

I laughed out loud a couple of times and even on repeated viewing I kept giggling. Jane Espenson is fab.

I love how Buffy's an ensemble show again, and no longer all about Spuffy. And Dawn's quickly moving up my favourite character list.
I know. Dawn was quite good last night---great prat fall by MT!
upon second listening, dawn apparently says "i fucking am not going to vomit!" while being poked at on the couch. at least, that's what i think i heard. two points to espenson for the whole scene - one of the funniest i've seen in a while. loved trachtenberg's "i so hate you" facial expressions.
I think she said: "stop talking about vomit!"
either way, trachtenberg's deadpan is brilliant.

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