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December 26 2013

Front Row special on Buffy the Vampire Slayer airs tonight on BBC Radio 4. The show starts at 7.15pm GMT. Listen to it live here. If you can't wait, you can listen to a clip of Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman talking about the legacy of Buffy. UPDATE - The show now available to listen to at your leisure (well for the next seven days) and can be downloaded as a podcast (web, iTunes).

Who r these mega fans? Are they on this site?
Ah, I missed it. Does anyone know whether previously aired shows are available somehow, for download or streaming?
If you go to the link you can listen to it now. I think it's available for seven days afterwards.
Just listened to it.Really great and worth a listen.
Enjoyed this a lot more than I expected. And yes, it should be available online for a week.
Somewhat interesting commentary, but nothing new from Joss sadly.
"We all die eventually" -- Interviewer

"Oh, we have much worse things to worry about" -- Joss

I was hoping for a follow-up question.
I like the idea that even though it's hard to see "daughters" (successors) of Buffy in sci fi, you could look at Orange is the New Black as one. That takes the women's prison genre and peoples it with strong-yet-vulnerable-yet-funny-yet-tragic-yet-musical characters.
Hah! Yes! The essential part of writing a feminist show is writing in more than one strong woman... Why, oh why, is that so hard to understand?

(I'm speaking, of course, as someone who's just realized he needs to rewrite his latest novel for exactly that reason.)

ETA a necessary adjective.

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the episode is also available in the podcasts section of iTunes, under "Radio 4"
My heart is just singing right now! It's just cool that BtVS is still playing in parts of the world. Makes me smile...a lot!
Daughters of Buffy.. Or maybe clones? Then Tatiana Maslany does a terrifc job, multiple times, in multiple roles at Orphan Black. Now there's a strong female role.
I've added a link to the MP3 file.

I agree with Krusher, the new recipe should be, if you have one good female character in the show, clone her :)

They should have used the Youtube thing "I miss BtVS" as a lead out, I somehow think it fits the mood perfectly.
Oh lovely, I was hoping for a podcast version.
Loved the short clip, now I just have to find the time to listen to the whole thing. Maybe when all these pesky house guests go away! :-)
That was great, but way too short !
I loved this from Joss, about the soul: "It is what makes us human beings, and not excellent clocks."

"Excellent Clocks" is such a great effing title for... something, I dunno what. Maybe my Peter Gabriel/steampunk cover band.

The bits with Neil Gaiman remind me of one of my all-time favorite interviews -
Lev Grossman interviews Joss and Neil Gaiman for TIME Magazine in 2005. It's definitely worth a read. (Among other gems, it gives us this, from Joss: "That's the problem with doing anything. Everybody expects you to keep doing it, no matter what." And this from Neil Gaiman: "I saw a lovely analogy recently. Somebody said that writers are like otters. And otters are really hard to train. Dolphins are easy to train. They do a trick, you give them a fish, they do the trick again, you give them a fish. They will keep doing that trick until the end of time. Otters, if they do a trick and you give them a fish, the next time they'll do a better trick or a different trick because they'd already done that one. And writers tend to be otters. Most of us get pretty bored doing the same trick." It's worth a think or two, especially in the light of everything Joss has created since Buffy and Firefly/Serenity.)

I love/hate/groaned about Neil Gaiman also talking about writing strong women characters. His take fit in well with Joss' own well known Equality Now speech.

GAIMAN: I always feel like the wrong person to be asked, when I get asked that question 'cos, you know, people say, "Well, how do you write such good female characters?" Like, what? I write people - approximately half of the people I know are female... and they're cool, and they're interesting. And so why wouldn't I? You know, in the case of making the TARDIS a person, you make her the kind of person you'd like to meet."

ALDERMAN: Yes, this gives me nothing to help people with who cannot write good female characters, and they do exist...

GAIMAN: Well, I think the big thing to point out to people is, you know, possibly they should go and hang around with some women... and also, it's worth pointing out that people unfortunately misunderstand the phrase 'strong women'.

The glory of Buffy is that it was filled with strong women. Only one of those strong women had supernatural strength and an awful lot of sharpened stakes. And people sortof go, 'Well yes, of course, Buffy was a strong woman - she could kick her way through a door.' And you go, 'No, that's not actually what makes her a strong woman. You're missing the point..."

Finally: it's not too late for Ripper. It's not too later for Ripper. Hear my cry, oh BBC and/or other assorted PTB (with an extra hint-poke-hint to Jane Root of Nutopia).

ETF: typo

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For those of us with iThings, you can find and download the program from within the Podcasts app.
Really thrilled this has met with such a positive response :-). I also wish it could have been longer!

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