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December 30 2013

Watch Emma Thompson quote Joss Whedon in this THR actress roundtable interview. The whole video is worth watching but if you're looking for the Joss bit, it starts at around 13:14 (via Dichen Lachman).

Hey, cousin Beth is in the panel.

It is exciting to learn that Emma watched the Equality Now speech, of course that 1st speech did have Meril Streep introducing Joss to stage.

Exciting panel, still midway through it, but very interesting.

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I love Emma Thompson, I think I need to watch the whole thing.
Actually she quotes "Josh" Whedon. But she appears to have had a couple of glasses of wine...
Pretty good round table and interesting discussion. Love that these talented women started interviewing each other.

Amy Adams totally jumped in attention at the mention of Joss.

Now I want Emma Thompson to play a character written and directed by Joss. And I think she would love that too.
You put a couple of glasses of wine into Emma Thompson
and what the ding dong heck comes out of her.

When did your ship come into port, you saucy, salty sailor?
I have to admit - sometimes I slip and call Joss 'Josh' (and my son Josh 'Joss'.)
This is a fascinating round table of truly remarkable women. I'm going to have to come back to it, as I don't have enough time to watch the whole thing, but what wonderful insight into these women. Emma Thompson has been one of my favorite actors for years, and I loved her ding dong comments (I, too, think there was a little of the grape in her.) And Amy Adams and the squirrel with her nuts discussion was funny.

Thanks for the link, Simon.
Actually, Emma Thompson is like that in pretty much every interview I've ever seen.

Her natural social personality is just very open and stream-of-consciousness and flamboyant, which can seem 'tipsy' in contrast to most of her roles, which are very buttoned and strait-laced and ... well, stereotypically British. :)
Last week, one of my library co-worked catalogued an ASTONISHING X-MEN trade under "Josh" Whedon. Any suggestions on how to dispose of his body?
She wasn't tipsy. You have to remember that she's first and foremost a comedian.

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