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January 01 2014

Questions needed for SHIELD interview with Jed Whedon and Mo Tancharoen. The questions have to be in by noon Pacific time on Friday, Jan. 3.

How much did the actors' performances affect your initial plans and perceptions of each individual character? Were there any characters that turned out differently based on what the performers brought into the room?
I think that we are supposed to directly email to the contact:

"send your queries to"

I asked if we will get more character based episodes like FZZT which I thought was great. I loved the focus on the relationship, history and interactions of the members. I still feel like I don't know these people but I really want to.
Wish they explore some of the backstories of the characters. What's up with Chloe and Elizabeth. Why is Brett the way he harbors? This show can be so fine, start digging into the characters!

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