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"A bitca?"
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January 02 2014

A first look at Neil Patrick Harris in "A Million Ways to Die in the West". His character runs the local "moustachery".

Is it Charlize in that particular scene. Not veyr recognizable if so. Sounds funny, I guess, not familiar with MacFarland.
Yes it's Charlize, Amanda Syfried, NPH, and Seth. Well be interesting to see if he can do actual acting and not just voice work.
He's done a little acting here and there. He had a small recurring role in a show called Flashforward a few years ago. It wasn't even a comedic role. He did fine. I guess the people who like him as a voice actor will probably also like him as a live action actor.
Funny. I watched most of Flashforward but don't remember him, which means he probably was not awful.
Lets give it a watch first then we judge.
He was also a minor character on Gilmore Girls!

I'm not a big fan of MacFarlane these days, but I've always appreciated his love for musicals and westerns, so I'll probably see this anyway.
Apparently he was on a few episodes of Enterprise.
Do people die of moustache-related incidents in this scene?

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