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January 03 2014

(SPOILER) Watch the opening to next week's episode of Agents of SHIELD. If you can't view it on Facebook, Comics Continuum has the video as well.

Now that's how it's done! Yay! So looking forward to the next episode!
So basically the team work better without Coulson, and Skye has super laptop powers.
This seems like the first time (excluding episode 2) that the "team" have actually functioned as a Team. At least, to me. I like it, but I just wish the action held up better. I know it's not the most important part of a show but (shoot me later!) they're not a patch on the fights in Arrow....
Huh... Why didn't they come in with the guns in the first place? Why send two unarmed guys against a bunch of armed ones? What kind of Agency is this?
"What kind of Agency is this?" One that pretends that supertech is like faux-superpowers and thus makes really dumb decisions for its agents (e.g., people in the field who don't belong there, experienced agents making bad moves, etc) since you can always get a bot or clever hack to sort it out.
I'm expecting this episode to be a series low ratings wise. I hope its at least a good episode.
Looks interesting but is it me or is the timing off one some of the responses....the roomba line? Too much of a pause?
SHIELD tech designers have to follow product guidelines which require giving baddies time to make a crack.
Remember that a couple of this sneeks where slightly edited compared to broadcast,sometimes with jarring results. You never know.

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@ theonetruebix , good point! Ha!

I am looking forward to the ep, even if it has some flat quips. I love when the Team is a real team. And Ming-Na rocks it.
I'm hoping. Gosh I'm hoping.
Looks like a nice establishing scene for Hand running the team, and taken with the earlier released clip we know things won't go great. I don't get too worked up about a few logistical questions when we're talking about a fictional spy army that exists in the same universe as, you know, Thor and stuff...asking too many questions would have stopped me from reading comics after a few issues back in the mid 80s, willing suspension of disbelief etc...all in good fun!
Yeah, most of the time, in certain contextes, cool beats logic and reality. As Kubrick asked "Do you want it real or interesting." You CAN have both, but, you know, you dont have to. Poetic license and such. As long you do it well. You can have unreal an totally uninteresting too if you are not careful. I supose it doesnt work for everyone. Some may call it bad writing, but i think this is that kind of show, the one wo puts de fantasy in FANTASY, bold, and the fun written as FUN.

Bye, bye, real, bye bye loneliness, hello happines...

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Yeah, as far as realism goes, I surrendered when Simmons decided that the best move when she's infected with an alien virus is to ... jump into the ocean, the heart of the planetary ecosystem, because what could possibly go wrong with that? In this universe, things function in a certain way that they don't in other universes. I just go with it. To my mind, show that provides the line, "Just once, I wish Thor and his people would send the God of Cleaning Up After Yourself" is worth watching.
When's it back in the UK? There's no sign off it on Channel 4's schedule this Friday or next.
I sent Channel 4 an email about that, there's no date as of yet. Some people are thinking February. I'm assuming they want to show all the episodes without gaps.
Van Chat? That's a funny name.
Fun opening! Looking forward to tomorrow's episode.

for the naysayers, this is (ABC, family friendly) Agents of SHIELD, not Punisher War Journal. They have gone through great pains to introduce things like the Night Night Gun and focus on the hand to hand element of combat. Killing people has been restricted to very limited conditions (ala Gravitron). This clip seemed like an improvement on the fight scenes (though still not up to Buffy level.) Still meaning to check out Arrow, I've heard good things.
I suspect Channel 4 will indeed wait until they can show an unbroken run. I suspect UK audiences aren't really used to the US-style breaks, and I imagine the weeks off in the winter may have adversely affected their ratings
It's painful how inept these agents can be.
So the top negotiating official in this sophisticated, criminal organization is a flirty model-type who says stuff like: "You can name your price." Way to suck at negotiating, flirty lady.

And then from the other clip we get this: "Skye's methods may be unorthodox, but she's a part of this team."

I didn't think such lines existed anymore, except maybe in parodies.

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