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January 04 2014

Dr. Horrible Art Nouveau posters. If you liked QMx's Firefly prints, then you'll love these.

I like the Bad Horse poster a lot. But what's up with Captain Hammer's dainty waist and feminine curves? They nailed the smirk though.
BrewBunny I was thinking the same thing!! Hammer's...em...'hammer' area is looking a bit girly! Doubt Nathan Fillion would be very happy about that. Just saying! Loving the Doc Horrible one, though.
Penny looks strangely duck-like too.

I've just realised she looks more like Jamie Gertz from The Lost Boys.

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Gotta say, not loving these. Jamie Gertz-alike, Hammer's tapered waist good calls! NPH looks great, but the yogurt toter on the side looks about 10 years old. And while including Bad Horse is great the font reads to me "Thoroughbred of Gin"

I love Bad Horse (and gin!) but I'll be passing on these, thank you.
Okay, I just checked the Whedonesque home page and when my eyes saw this headline again it didn't track "Dr." so what I read was "Horrible Art Nouveau Posters". Bwa-ha-ha!

Okay, enough...

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