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March 11 2004

Angel episode 20 spoilers revised. The casting sides have been updated with one major change.

I was looking forward to seeing Dawn in this episode. Ah well.

*update* Changed link to Tensai's take on the news at Spoiler Slayer. Original link here.

Why would Andrew be at Buffy's home?

As glad as I am that we'll see the character again rather than Dawn (whoooo!), it doesn't make sense for him to be there. Is it a New Council business trip or something.

Wonder if he's kept his mousth shut about Spike.
Yuck. Not Andrew again. If AH and MT are busy, why can't it be Xander or Giles? You know, people Buffy might actually *want* to have in her home and would make sense answering her door?
And I was looking forward to Dawn's cheery smile and reaction that Spike is alive.

As much as Dawn can be annoying, to me, she matured ALOT during s7 and I'd like to see that Dawn again. Besides, Andrew isn't that great. Once, okay. But twice? C'mon! I want to actually have the REAL scoobies to see Angel & Spike.

Dear writer of ep: GET RID OF TOM LENK.
I imagine the other Buffy castmembers were not available to replace Trachtenberg on such short notice. While I like any chance to see Tom Lenk, it would be so much more satisfying to get an appearance from someone we actually miss - such as Xander.
I would definately rather see characters such as Giles or Xander rather than Dawn...Please not Dawn!!!! I think I would actually be willing to endure more Andrew babble than see the slayer's little sister again...
*sigh* You know, as much as i did enjoy Andrew's appearance during "Damage", I kinda wanted a Dawn/Spike reunion.

The more and more i read, what with the change of title and change of guest appearances, I'm becoming more and more doubtful that this is even Buffy, let alone catching an SMG cameo.
SMG wont be in it unless it's filmed in a few weeks - cause she's in Japan until next month. So I think we may see a look alike esspecially if we only see her. As for the Dawn think I doubted that from the first time I heard it. I am skeptical of this entire episode, and forgive me if I'm wrong but wasn't the first Buffy novel called Immortal.
I think Buffy could show up at the very end of the episode. It won't be shown on the WB for more than a month. The rest of it can be filmed (which will probably be next week) at one time and then Buffy can be inserted later whenever SMG is available. Or maybe Buffy won't be in 5.20 at all, but is in a scene or two of 5.21. All in all, I doubt Buffy will have much to do with the end of AtS.

And I knew there was no way Michelle was going to show up. There must've been a lot of wishful thinking going on in Steve and Drew's brains.

Edited to add... I didn't say anything on the previous thread but I might as well here. Any time a kerfuffle starts over any episode DeKnight has a part in, I know I'll probably love it. Spike fans freaked out when the spoilers for Hellbound first showed up. Oooh, it's so mean to Spike. Burn in hell, DeKnight! And when you look at the finished product, that was a positive Spike episode. And never mind Destiny and Damage.. yikes! People went nuts from the very first tiny bits of the castings sides up until the wildfeeds. Those two were my favorites of the season, and possibly of the entire Jossverse. Not much was said about Why We Fight, and I didn't particularly like it.

Therefore, DeKnight + controversy = lalaa in love

[ edited by lalaa on 2004-03-11 11:23 ]
i love andrew (totally platonic) dont get me wrong but i really would have liked another scooby or an actual one to have been there hell i'd have settled for riley (well it would make more sense) so now instead of witnessing actual scooby happenings we'll get andrew to talk about where the gang are...pfff the episode doesnt sound so great anymore what with the flash of buffy's hair ( which i can buy off of ebay for $2.50) and andrew who has no connection to angel. ALSO! we never actually saw a dawn and angel conversation...that in itself would have been awesome, i need to go listen to country music....the music of pain.
Well, while a Dawn and Angel conversation would indeed be awesome, I did wonder how they were going to get MT. Even her remarks about Buffy lately aside, her schedule seems to be packed. Aly's does as well, so Xander would have been really nice. Alas.

By the way, SMG seems to be stopping in England on her way home to open Scooby Doo 2, so the likelihood of her having time to do anything for Angel seems pretty slim. I know people don't want the show to go out with Buffy featuring a major role, but I'd still rather see SMG than a glimpse of hair or a lookalike, if there is going to be Buffy in the episode(s?) at all. :/

[ edited by weatherby on 2004-03-11 13:02 ]
wow. andrew not dawn. hmmm. thats a real let down. getting worried about the plotline of this ep. and i agree, why would andrew be at buffys apartment?
Well it's all quite obvious, isn't it? Buffy's cookie dough is all baked and she's chosen Andrew as her cookie monster *g*

Oh, i can just see it: "Come to me Slayer, you don't need those sexy vamPYREs with me around. *pause* Well, except for Spike, maybe. *dreamy sigh* W-w-what was he, you know, like? I-is it realy true what they say about vamPYRE stamina? C-cause..."
Just a thought...could it be SMG is stopping by England for filming for AtS...with ASH??? She did not say why she was going there...just said she had to stop.
its possible, at least i hope.
Andrew. Bleh. He annoys the bejesus out of me.
Of all the actors rumored for these final eps of AtS, there has not even been a sputtering about ASH, so, in my opinion, the likelihood is slim to none.
I happen to know that the Rome scenes for Episode 20 will be filmed next week. So unless any of you know that SMG will be back in the states by then, it would seem that there's very little chance of her appearing in the episode.

Of course, there is the Scooby-Doo 2 premiere, which I believe is Saturday March 20 here in LA. It would be a bit strange for her to miss that.

Who knows...
Let this be true: Joss is trying to foil us royale. "Be damned if I'll let the internet get a hold of the Angel finale. I've got your spoiler, right here!" This mythic interlude brought to you by a fond dislike for Andrew, and blind staring pain at the idea of No!Joss on TV.
No, Coll--she's stopping in England to open Scooby-Doo 2 there.
oh okay thanks weatherby

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