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January 07 2014

Agents Of SHIELD returns in the US this week... but not the UK. Expect to see it in February, maybe?

A lot of British fans noticed this at the weekend and tweeted/emailed Channel 4 to see what was happening.

Anyone know what's happening in Australia...?
It looks like the return hasn't been scheduled in for Australia yet either.
That's such a shame. I really hope Channel 4 starts showing it again soon. Given how hard it is to avoid spoilers of any kind on the internet nowadays, it was glorious only having to avoid certain websites and articles for three days, and then to actually feel involved in the general discussion about the show.
Australia won't air S.H.I.E.L.D. until after the Australian Open is finished - that goes for all their programming.
Beth - Of course! I forgot about the tennis, as I have no interest in it. Grumble grumble.
C4 twitter account told me that their scheduling Gods (who I suspect to be asgardian) haven't had a chance to put AoS in yet. I politely grumble thanked them.
They've been tweeting people saying it should be soon though.

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