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January 07 2014

Marc Blucas' new show "Killer Women" premieres tonight on ABC at 10pm. He plays DEA Agent Dan Winston a love interest for the main character played by BSG's Tricia Helfer.

I saw the pilot over the summer and was pleasantly surprised. Hope it does well!
So...Cylons are now law enforcement officers? Well, criminals are certainly screwed ;D
I have no interest in this show. Over-advertised, in my opinion, and what kind of track record does Sophia Vergara have, besides being the busty "trophy wife" on that sitcom? The way they were advertising "From Executive Producer Sophia Vergara" made it sound like she's done this sort of thing before and is known for it.

But...a mini-series about a female Texas Ranger tracking down female serial killers? Big pass. Good to see Marc's got a decent-sized role, but I won't be tuning in.
Well, as has been scientifically proven, having large breasts and being a beautiful talented comedian in a second language makes one devoid of all higher thought capabilities and business acumen. I'm sure Vergara is a front for some ugly short but capable man.

Oh where is my sarcasm font?
Seriously? Just to see and hear Tricia Helfer is worth tuning in. She was great as Caprica 6. And I loved her guest spot on Burn Notice. She's fantastic. And Mark Blucas is still pretty hot in my book. So I won't pre-judge and I will tune in.
Oh where is my sarcasm font?

Wherever you left your good behavior, I imagine. Take it down a notch or two. Here and in the other thread.

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I wouldn't watch a show just to see Marc Blucas (although I like him) but I love Tricia Helfer, and I think it's interesting that the creator, the executive producer, and the main character are all women. I'll check it out.
The NYT scoffed at the idea of a thin, model-looking woman being a tough DEA agent. But those of us who watched BSG have no doubt that Helfer can play an *ss-kicking woman.
I'm enjoying this one, I'm glad I taped POI to watch this as it airs.

It's a limited run series, right?

ETA: That was fun.

Could have sworn I saw Aisha Hinds (Loomis, Dollhouse) in a preview for an upcoming episode of one of the shows I watched this evening. Did I imagine it?

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It's a limited run series, right?

Judging by the ratings, it's a very limited run.
It's 8 different stories for 8 episodes only.

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