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January 07 2014

Stan Lee will appear on Agents of SHIELD. He told The Hollywood Reporter that it's a "big role".

To quote Jayne Cobb: "Saw that coming."
Anyone wanna lay down some imaginary moolah about Stan the Man being Coulson's dad?

Stan is the Clairvoyant.

Just a guess.
First thing I thought of too @nebula1400
@Nebula and Mirage - add me in for guessing the same. How else does he know everything lol
Hmmm...Stan Lee as The Clairvoyant? That would be both an awesome idea and a terrible one at the same time. Awesome, because it gives Stan his biggest cameo appearance in a Marvel production...but terrible, as it would seem like a giant "wink wink, nudge nudge" about how he's the creator of a lot of Marvel product (i.e. he knows all because he's the one who made the puppets dance) and it would mean a technical waste of a character to the Big Bad be a one-time stunt casting moment.

Unless...The Clairvoyant is meant to be a Blofeld-like character who has secondary baddies do all the really heavy lifting and hero opposing, so Stan can just appear at odd times to chew scenery? Which wouldn't be too bad, but I'd personally still feel like opportunity would be wasted if we didn't get moments similar to when the viewer got to see what villains like The Master, Mayor Wilkins or The First Evil were plotting and their motivations separate to monologuing with the good guys.

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