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March 11 2004

Sky One statement about Angel. The UK broadcaster "is saddened by the news" and "the decision not to commission another season is with the network in question and beyond our influence".

No doubt they were going to release a statement anyway but it's more than likely that they were trying to put paid to the rumour about the alleged Sky One email as well.

Nothing new really in this article but at least it is publicity and thatís what the show needs if it is to be saved. Wish we could have some more positive articles about the show returning.
have there been any other rumblings about talks since SteelDogDG's last post at the WB? Anyone?

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There's a whole article about Angel's cancellation in the newest SFX (I'd type it and link it, but that'd go against self link rules (see, I respect those now!)), it has quotes from Joss that I hadn't heard before, such as the fact that Angel's ending is more painful to him than Buffy's ending because "I really don't know when the Buffyverse will appear again in filmed entertainment".

The article seems to be almost completley devoid of hope, though they do mention the petitions and

They also give 500/1 odds on BBC picking up a 6th season, and 10/1 on a Faith spinoff, should Tru get cancelled
Just recieved this info about synidicated off-network dramas I thought people might find interesting.... these numbers are from 9/03 - 1/04

Off-Net Dramas - Households
Rank - Program - AA - GAA
5 Angel 1.5 1.6
5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1.5 1.6

Adult 18-49
Rank - Program - AA - GAA
4 Angel 0.9 0.9
5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer 0.8 0.9

AA= average audience
GAA= gross average audience
Could anyone please put in the link that GhostSpike refers to? I keep trying to get to the sfx webpage but am having trouble finding anything about Joss or Angel. I'd love to read the article, although it sounds a real downer.
It will be in the new issue of SFX, it'll be out in the shops in the UK not sure how long it takes to get to the States though. If the BBC Cult site has any sense they'll be doing a summary of it and some can link to it. As tis against the rules to link to transcripts etc.
The SFX website isnt very good, its pretty much just a place to check your subscription (bargain, well worth it, cheap and get issues about a week early), and order tickets to "The Event".

If anyone wants to read the article email me here and I'll either scan, or type it and send it back. If I remember quickly, it takes quite a while for issues to reach th US.
That's very kind of you. Maybe there's some way to post it on Flickr?
could post it as a new topic
Credit to Sky One for the implied criticism of WB.
Please don't post the article at Flickr thank you.
Will do, actually, won't do, whatever.

What you said Simon, I'll do that, the not posting it.
Party pooper.

Does it say in the rules no transcripts? I just read them again and didn't see it. I believe you, I'm just wondering what I'm misreading.
Linking to an article reproduced in full would really come under "copyrighted material". And I'm weary of linking to places that reproduce major extracts from an article.

And genre magazines do get annoyed about it. I remember about two years ago on a well known Buffy board that an editor of a British sci-fi genre magazine posted saying he was fed up with people posting Buffy articles taken from his magazine and urged people not to do it because he and his journalists went to a lot of effort to do the interviews and prepare the magazine etc. I was suprised at the time that he posted, it must be said.
I read that post too. That was an influence in our decision not to allow linking to transcribed copyrighted material. We've got a copyright statement on this site because we don't want people nicking our design and stuff... it would be a bit hypocritical if we didn't grant others the rights to their material.
Ah, got it. I figured that was the catch-all but I wondered if there was something else that wasn't sinking in. Thanks.

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