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March 11 2004

Zap2It Features 'Celeste in the City'. With a description of the tv movie and a talk with its stars Majandra Delfino and Nicholas Brendon. There's an official website with photos and all. There aren't words to describe Nick's look you have to see it for yourself.

Brendon had concerns of his own. "It took an hour and a half to dress me down," he quips. "I had to be there the previous Monday in order for them to make me look so bad."

This now explains why he looked the way he did at the convention in Nashville, since he was off to film this movie the following week.

RavenU I've merged your two 'Celeste In The City' posts into one as it makes more sense. Out of all the post Buffy projects going around, this one is the one I want to see the most.

If people are interested, we could have a discussion about this TV movie after it has aired on Sunday.
Cool - was thinking about how to merge them as well but no sleep for 20 hours so brain is foggy.

However still trying to get my mind around the fact that Nick was once in medical school....pagin Dr. Nick Brendon .... woah.
Am I the only one that thinks she looks cuter with her glasses and "frizzy" hair? Sheesh. And that article makes her sound like a twit. Liked Nick's quotes though. Good for him.
Oh, I have no problem describing Nick's look. Judging from photo gallery shots #2 and #18 from the movie's website, I'd say he's scorchin' HOT and Nick's comments in the Zap2it article about dressing him down were pure sarcasm. Yum, yum.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, but does anyone else get the impression his character is gay?
His character is gay. The TV movie was "inspired" by Queer Eye for The Straight Guy.
Man, am I not supposed to read half the things you guys say as sarcasm? You lose me sometimes.
Love the Whedonesque sarcasm, myself.

I'm looking forward to this. stakeholder, I agree that the female star sounds a bit of a twit and in fact looks no better after her makeover. Although perhaps I'm just jealous because I am not a tv star. The bastards.
Cole Searr-- You should look into the limited edition computers with the special "Joss Whedon Sarcasm Font". It makes life so much easier.

I hope Nick's character is played a bit more like Queer Eye's Kyan than Queer Eye's Carson. I'm sure his quick wit will shine through and make everyone wonder why he doesn't have his own show (hint, hint).
Not really front-page news but there's a review of it here. There's not much about Nick, which I suppose is good since it isn't exactly a positive review.
Oh good phlebotinin, I'm glad. If being a star results in such insipid comments I'm sure you're much happier as you are. She went out like that and got made fun of? Yeah, right! That whole "men don't make passes" line is total hooey, I get hit on when I wear my glasses all the time. And I'd love to have lots of curly hair.
Wow! Nick looks great! It appears he dropped some of his "wife just had a baby" fat. Good for him!

And his new do looks sooooo 80's. *snigger*

Can hardly wait to check out the show.
And his new do looks sooooo 80's.

Totally!! In fact, it's an exact copy of what I just saw on Molly Dodd the other day. Since it was my first time seeing the show, I'm not sure of the character's name -- I think it was Bryce or some such. And I'm pretty sure from the conversation that he was gay too. Too funny!!
Did anyone say sarcasm font?
Sarcasm is pretty in purple.

It's so annoying that tv code for "plain girl" is glasses perched atop nose. Like stakeholder, I get hit on in my glasses all the time. I'd have loved it if they had REALLY gone all out with this girl. You know, with gigantic hairy moles splattered across her face, snaggly buck teeth and a Jay Leno-sized chin. And a riotous, string-of-broccoli-florets-sized unibrow. Then we'd be talking about needing an emergency makeover.

Molly Dodd?! When/where is that on, melsta? Could you be referring to that old 80s show with the reddish-headed woman whose name I'm blanking?
Wasn't that another show that was unfairly cancelled?

Oh, and I love the nifty purple. Looks nice with your yellow too ;)

[ edited by stakeholder on 2004-03-11 23:58 ]
'course sarcasm is a lot funnier when you don't telegraph it...
For some reason not seeing the purple font. Tried to refresh but still nothing. Maybe I can't detect sarcasm :(.
I don't see the purple either. But then I couldn't see at first when you admins went a different, bolder color than the rest of us, but I see it now, so...
Probably a case of the css file being cached. Try shift-reload, or else click this link to force-load the css file.
Finally :). Deleted my temp internet files after unsuccessfully trying your two options. Forgot about the shift-reload option, thanks.
Having seen a preview for the movie, he's definitely more Carson than Kyan, and it borders on embarassingly bad cariacture. It made me wince a little. I love Nick, but I probably won't be watching. Even so, it's been neat how ABC Family has managed to employ so many former Buffy stars in their recent movies.

Blair Brown was the actress on Molly Dodd, which was indeed unfairly cancelled, but then picked up by Lifetime for another couple of seasons.

Did Nick's wife really have a baby, or was that just descriptive?
I totally agree about Celeste pre-makeover--way cuter. The preview I saw was too short to really get a feel of the movie, but I hope Nick's character isn't entirely camp. I know this sounds silly, but I actually find the "It only takes a group of people to turn you into yourself" (paraphrased) tagline kind of bothersome.
I was gonna say Blair Brown.

It only takes a group of people to turn you into yourself. Agreed, big ugh.
The TiVo found me Molly Dodd on the Hallmark Channel the other day. It came with a really strange little intro by Nick Clooney. Aside from being one of THE Clooneys I had no idea he was a celebrity outside my hometown of Cincinnati and have not a clue what he has to do with the show. Or is it the channel he is connected to? Dunno.
I agree - she was more interesting looking in the before shots, like someone I wouldn't mind hanging with. In the after shots she looks like yet other Friends clone...

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