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January 08 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar wins People's Choice Award - gives Buffy shout out. Sarah took the opportunity in her acceptance speech to praise her seven years on Buffy and thanked the cast, crew and fans. How lovely.

A true class act. Love her so much!
Sooo I maybe just cried a little bit at this because I was so moved. I am so happy that she gave Buffy that moment in the spotlight this many years on. "I never got the chance to thank them publicly" broke my heart because she never got any awards for Buffy, which is a true crime against humanity. But I'm so happy she's back on top and remembers her roots. :)
Congrats to Sarah! I really enjoy her new show and loved her shout out to BtVS.
I was so happy to hear this, I almost cried, too. It was very touching.
That was very nice of her. Congrats.
Way to go, Sarah!
After Season 1, the breaking-in season, I thought Sarah was transcendent as Buffy. She has real skill as an actor but was also able to pull so much deep emotion out in service to the role and I appreciated that. There's a reason she found out on the Paleyfest panel that the writers called her Jimmy Stewart. The Crazy Ones isn't Buffy, but it showcases her comedic ability; her award, after so long, is well-deserved.

By the way, I not only teared up instantly when she said the words, "for seven years" (because I knew where she was going with that), I think my heart actually swelled and burst inside my chest; not just with joy but that all the crappy, untrue things I've read over the years were instantly wiped out.

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Sarah Michelle is the best actor.
I'm not crying, it's just been raining on my face.
Congrats to SMG.
That's our girl. So happy.
I love how she continues to publicly recognize what Buffy really meant to her and all of us. Such a class act. One of the best.
That's lovely.
While I'm somewhat sad Ming-Na Wen wasn't the recipient of that award, I am happy Sarah nabbed it :D
I didn't almost cry, I did cry!
It's just like the Class Protector moment from The Prom all over again.
Congrats to Sarah. She's a truly astounding actress and really deserved one of these for Buffy but i'm glad she has one at last. You know, since Sarah has been on twitter, I have found her to be a really sweet person and I love how much she credits Buffy. I don't really understand why she has a bit of a reputation among some Buffy fans, she seems lovely.
That was pretty great.

Also, I now want both a) a Bones/NCIS crossover and b) a SMG/Weatherly romcom.
Ok, my heart just melted a little bit. Awh.
@LittleMsMuffet730, I think the "reputation" you speak of has to do with her lack of involvement in conventions and discussions after the show ended. She clearly was ready to move onto other things after Buffy and much of the cast credited her for working the hardest on that show. It's certainly understandable that she would want to move on, but I'm glad she's become more vocal about it in recent years. It seems that after distancing herself from it, and treading the waters of other TV and movie projects, she's grown to appreciate her time on Buffy that much more. Better late than never!
That was very moving. Thank you Sarah.
Sarah (like Aly, Charisma, David, Seth, ELiza, and Michelle) has never been or been marketted as primarilya genre performer.

And, to be honest, for a few years after the show ended, she probably got tired of beign asked about it. Plus a lot of Buffans are not fond of Freddie. It sort of added up.

Glad to know she seems aware of that.
Well that was just beautiful!
It was a lovely moment. I know it meant a lot to me - I wasn't surprised at all that the screams for Buffy seemed the loudest of the night. Good on her. We thank you for those seven years.
Whether she's always felt it but never really expressed it, or is coming around to it now - either way, it did make me happy to hear her acknowledge the show with such positivity. Classy move.
That was wonderful! Love her!! She gave more time to BtVS than to The Crazy Ones in that speech. Miss her as Buffy!!
I loved that when they handed her the award (Which looks kind of like a crystal "stake") she said,

"Watch out; I know how to use this." :D
AMCsoldier -
Whether she's always felt it but never really expressed it, or is coming around to it now

Or the third alternative: that she has expressed gratitude and appreciation for BtVS - many times. And the idea that she didn't feel it was largely a fan-invented myth.
The Grudge came pretty soon after Buffy ended. She talks quite a bit about it on the commentary.
So happy for SMG!
I totally Awwwed when I saw a gif of this earlier today. :') And when I watched the vid just now I was lol, pretty moved.

Also I enjoy The Crazy Ones. It's fun. Heh.
Loved the overall Buffy-fan thanks, but REALLY loved that quick "Careful, I know how to use this!" stake reference.
Awesome Buffy shoutout! It kind of took over the speech!
I loved it too. She was so genuine and you could easily tell it was from the heart. I also liked it when Ming-Na, who was nommed in the same category, tweeted that losing to another Whedon Alum wasn't really losing, and congratulated her.

Classy women, both.

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