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January 09 2014

(SPOILER) Could Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD be heading toward...? Some speculation based on the last scene of Tuesday's episode.


Poor Mike. JAR would rock that character!
The speculation on this site was exactly what I thought about.
That would be fantastic (and would certainly silence some haters)!

[ edited by Simon on 2014-01-10 15:47 ]
I realise that the show isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we don't go in for bashing here. It's extremely rude.
This idea had crossed my mind as well during that final scene. I would like it a lot if they would go with this. And it would already make me care about that particular Marvel character's TV version vastly more than I've ever done about the comic book version!
It IS 'an origin story.' Make/allow us to care about the characters. Marvel has myriad characters who couldn't 'open a box of Rice Flakes'-find the heart, and bring it out.
It certainly would be an interesting tack for the creative forces behind the show to take re: JAR's character, though I would hope effort would be put into finding a screen-compatible version of Deathlok's cybernetics...don't want poorly-constructed claims of aping the Borg or something to crop up ;)

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