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January 09 2014

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon involved in the idea for the 'All Hail The King' Marvel One-Shot. Joss's role is revealed in the idea behind the Marvel One-Shot included on the Thor The Dark World Blu Ray.


I added a spoiler warning for anybody who doesn't want to know details about the story of this one-shot.It also spoils the big twist in Iron Man 3 although that has been out since last May.

I loved this character in Iron Man 3. LOVED. I was completely unspoiled and it was glorious.
Yay. I really liked the character and more Joss is always a bonus for me. Watching it anyway. Sorta hope Loki makes an appearance too.
I liked the twist too.I know many puriest weren't happy and I'm a comic geek myself but I thought it was a fun reveal and I'm looking forward to more from this character in the new one-shot.
I loved the twist and was very happy with it.

I don't think there's a way to do a "pure" version of that character without coming across as offensive.
GOTTA get me a Blu-Ray Player....and some BDs...
Not everything need to follow the comic books. Jarvis as an AI entity still a great shift from the first Iron Man, and this mandarin twist is also a great one from the Marvel movieverse.
I thought the twist was bloody brilliant and I'm really glad we are getting a Marvel one shot about this character.
I loved that twist too. It was almost my favorite thing about the movie. XD
Count me as a big Trevor fan as well. Can't wait to see the one shot.
I was very disappointed in the twist as I would have liked the Iron Man series to finally have a villain that was quite an intimidating threat. (And he certainly looked that way in the trailers) I mean it's weird all of the Ironman villains are played by good actors, but not one really feels all that much of a danger to Tony Stark/Iron Man. I hope the remaining two Avengers films that RDJ is in sort this. (Loki certainly did feel like a credible challenge and I'm really hoping for Thanos in No3)

Having said that I always like seeing Ben Kingsly, and I will be even more impressed if this establishes that the 10 rings group was a real terrorist organisation that's none too chuffed with being misrepresented.

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I saw the twist coming, which kind of ruined it for me, because it made me hope here'd be a double twist at the end before the first twist even happened. But it was funny, and I have no problem with them changing the character about, I just wish they'd done a better job of it, especially since the big reveal was that the villain was yet again a jealous scientist slash industrial tycoon, which was already old when they did it in the second one.

In any case, while the departure from the comics in itself doesn't bother me, I think this sounds like a nice touch for the fans, and might grow the mythology of the MCU in a good way. And I love how very Joss-like Whedon's input sounds.

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