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January 10 2014

Eliza Dushku on voicing She-Hulk, kicking cartoon butt and the Faith spinoff. She talked to HuffPost Canada TV about her role in Marvel's animated series, "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.".

One thing that bothers me a bit about the portrayal of She-Hulk in this show is... This is supposed to be a comedic show, right? And yet, She-Hulk, who has traditionally been portrayed as funny in the comics, is given very little comedic material. I feel like the Shulkie energy is missing. I hope the writers get around to reading Dan Slott's run on the She-Hulk comic, because that's the She-Hulk I want to see.

Side note, another characterization I don't quite get the point of is there's no Bruce Banner. The Hulk is just the Hulk all the time, and he's fully coherent, even intellectual if a bit short-tempered ("a bit short-tempered" is not an understatement; that really is the full extent of his rage in this show). I know that's been done in the comics as well (and in a couple of the animated movies), but I can't say I ever got the point of it. To me, The Hulk is first and foremost the thing Bruce is ashamed and afraid of within himself. In contrast, She-Hulk is everything Jen Walters used to hide underneath her insecurities, which should include her sense of humor. Playing Shulkie as kind of the "straight man" makes no sense to me. Even Red Hulk is given more comedy than Shulkie. Red Hulk. That's General Thunderbolt Ross. The traditionally super serious crankyface. There's something that just feels wrong about that.

It's not a bad show. But it could use some tweaks.
I still wish for the Faith show that never was.
It depresses me so much hearing about the Faith spin-off, I would sell my soul for that to have happened.

/insert ugly crying faces
It was obviously Eliza's decision to make, but the "we'd already done Faith" rational has always grated on me. She was in a little over a seasons worth of episodes if you combine her Buffy and Angel appearances - and not prominently featured in several of those. When you're signing up for a 5+ season possible commitment, it's a drop in the bucket. She shot as many episodes of Tru Calling and it's not like she would have walked away having "done Tru" had the show continued. Again, her life and have to respect her decision, but I sure wish she'd made a different one.
Hmm, she did 26 episodes as Faith, 26 as Tru and 26 as Echo. (Not counting the unaired pilot.) Weird coincidence.
That is quite the coincidence.
I think a Faith show might have been cool, but the premise for the one they intended sounded lame to me.

And I did like how Faith's redemption arc wrapped on Angel.
What was the premise? I don't remember it.

I was so upset at the time that there was no Faith spin-off, but it's understandable that Eliza Dushku went with an original series rather than a spin-off. Especially if nothing was ever written for Faith's series. (That's assuming there was ever a choice to be made between Tru Calling and Faith. I may be wrong.) But if it had happened, we probably wouldn't have gotten Dollhouse.
I think they got as far as Faith and Spike on a motorbike and that was it. There were also plans for a Slayer School with Willow. And then there was the Ripper spinoff too. Once Angel got cancelled, there were plans for Ilyria, Willow and Spike DVD movies but 20th Century Fox wanted them on the cheap and Joss bailed on the project citing quality concerns. Or something like that.
Thanks, that rings a bell. Now that I think of it, in the commentary for Dirty Girls wasn't it mentioned that the scene in the basement with Faith and Spike was written with the possible spin-off in mind? I also remember my sister and I used to joke that they should do the Faith and Spike series mockumentary-style with Andrew behind the camera.

I still refuse to give up on Ripper. And I can't recall an interview where Anthony Stewart Head has given up on it either.
I'm pretty sure Robin Wood was part of the original plans as well. The way I heard it was that the series would consist of Faith, Wood and ghost Spike and that Faith would travel around the US on a motorbike. It actually sounded a lot like the original premise for Supernatural.
Here and here is some further info about the undeveloped Faith spin-off, if anyone's interested. ;)
Thanks for the interesting links, Anuris (Tony Head's KIDS would have played his aunts?! - !!) :)

Also, interesting to learn of Eliza voicing Shulkie in particular, and more broadly of her joining the list of Whedon vets who've voiced super heroes for animation.
In retrospect, a Faith spin off would mean that we would have never gotten the excellent Angel & Faith series

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