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January 10 2014

(SPOILER) Dark Horse April 2014 solicitations. Angel & Faith # 1,Buffy # 2 and Serenity:Leaves On The Wind # 4 covers and info.

Yay, Buffy and Faith interacting again! Always one of my favorite relationship dynamics in the whole series. I'm just sad that probably too much of it will be (intentionally vague and noncommittal) Q&A and recriminations about Angel. Yes, Buffy and Faith are gonna fail the Bechdel test hard in her guest appearance, I have little doubt.

The whole "candid family portrait" cover... is that an homage to something I don't recognize? I giggle at how Buffy and Dawn or posed, both so adorbz-ed by Giles. Most of them have damaged clothes and injuries, too, like it's a post-battle donut. The image alone is the Scoobiest thing I've seen in... years. Many many years. Obviously a new angle to Scoobyness, with Re-Giles being the youngest and oldest at once (well, know, I guess Dawn is technically youngest and oldest at once still). But the last time these five characters were together and in relatively good cheer at same time? We're going back to early-mid Season 5 I reckon.
I had a sucky sucky week and THIS! THIS! made it so much better.

I've missed my slayer so much this break.
Angel & Faith Vol 2 #1 would have worked better for me. The new title feels liked I've missed 8 years worth of content.
When Faith announced she was leaving in issue 25 it was presumed that that was the end of "Angel and Faith" and it would go back to a solo Angel book and maybe a solo Faith book. But when it was announced back in October that A&F was continuing I presumed that the book would be split between the "Angel in London" storyline and the "Faith figuring things out on her own" storyline before they met up again.

But this solicitation and her inclusion in the Buffy cover just threw me, and made me wonder if she will feature in the 1st arc of A&F at all. Will she be in the Buffy book only and return to A&F after that, or will there be a storyline in A&F which features Buffy and Faith?
I really hope we get to see a Buffy/Giles reunion. I don't want it to happen off screen.
@Jelly We will, I'm sure one of the writers said so during an event of some kind.
I'm a little weary of getting too excited about these developments as the writing in S9 left me so disillusioned. However, I am really happy to see that Buffy/Faith will be interacting again as they're one of my favourite relationships in the show. Lets just hope Gage can do them justice.

What Id really like to see the story explore is Buffys feelings about Giles resurrection and how Faith (and Willow) kept her in the dark about it. Id expect Buffy to have at least some inner conflict about that as she balances her happiness at having Giles back with her own past struggles with resurrection. Again, Im sad to say that I lack the confidence the writing will actually tackle these issues in any meaningful way but its the complexity I would have expected from this show once upon a time.
I'm right there with you vampmogs. Disillusioned is a good word for how I feel about these comics after S9. Hopefully Gage can turn it around, but at this point I'm not really holding my breath.
The Buffy/Faith dynamic is rather fascinating to me, just the incredible way in which their fates have intertwined. The fact that each girls existence seems to constantly threaten the happiness of the other is very interesting. They're sisters(not literally of course). They're rivals. And they're in some ways reflections of each other.

There's just tons and tons of fun stuff there for any writer to play around with.

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