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January 10 2014

Another dos Santos cover for Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. It was attached to an interview conducted by Comic Book Resources discussing Dark Horse's upcoming year.

Or... I'm pretty sure it is. I'm suddenly filled with slight doubt for some strange reason.
Well that just made this room get very dusty all the sudden. sniff
It's for issue 6. If you save it, it comes up as Serenity-6 etc.
It's gorgeous. And sad. Mal's head is the same he used on the cover of the Free Comic Book Day Serenity comic.
Yes I thought I thought I had seen that before, cheers.
I think it's a beautiful and moving cover. It's a huge smash on FaceBook right now.
I'm seeing it on a lot of people's pages. Most seem to be aware that it's from the
upcoming Series, so... Good advertising.

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