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January 13 2014

Dichen Lachman to guest star on the new CW show 'The 100'. She'll be playing a character called Anya. 'The 100' premieres on March 19th.

This is one show I'm really looking forward to watching, sounds interesting! Crossing both fingers and hoping for the best. Into the unknown!!
This show keeps looking better and better. Excited to see The Deech on TV again!
I saw the first episode of this. It's basically Game of Thrones crossed with Battlestar on The CW. It surprised me by being great.
I'd like to see Dichen turn up on AoS. Heck, I'd like to import most of the casts of all the Whedon shows to AoS, but I suppose that's not realistic (and that's not to insult the current actors--the more the merrier is my thought).
gossi, might as well fess up now. Don't make sparkes come down on you!
I really enjoyed the pilot. The script was even better which bodes well for future episodes. They weren't able to fit all the goodness in the first ep. :)
Or Dichen on Once or Grimm. Plenty of (as Sherriff Buford T. Justis would say) Tyebeeshian folktales to draw upon. (Or some producer should give my Werewolf of Boston idea - an all-female remake of Werewolf Of London - a visualization and get Eliza, Summer, Clare, Gina, and maybe Kristine working again alongside Dichen.)

This whole show is suddenly looking better, basic premise-wise, than I expected.
I hope that's not hyperbole, gossi. :)

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