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March 11 2004

Like a tourist trap, 'Wonderfalls' will grab you Another positive review of the show from the Miami Herald

This says that it starts tonight, but I am assuming that is a mistake, anyone know some news I haven't heard yet?

They're one day too soon there, it stil premieres Friday.

After all the glowing reviews, I was a little surprised when I came across TV Gal Amy Amatangelo's take on the series. While it's not necessarily negative by any means, it does mention some stereotyping and how the show still needs work.
If you're living in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area note that Wonderfalls actually premiers at 12:30 AM on SATURDAY. Fox KMSP is pre-empting regular programming for High School Hockey.
"...Tim Minear (``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'')..." - Amy Amatangelo

Ringworm -- Yeah, I've been telling people for weeks where and when to tune in for Wonderfalls, and I didn't realize until last night that it would be pre-empted here. Sigh.
Figured they got it wrong, I will still be watching tomorrow, at least to check it out. Looks pretty cool. I kinda like reluctant heroeines.

/edited for gender.

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I've got to be honest. I'm looking forward to the show, I think Tim Minear is a talented writer/producer but I'm really reluctant to start watching simply because of the network the show is on and what night of the week it is airing on. Friday nights have been a disaster for too many quality shows and I just don't know if I want to get into another series that ends right as it gets going. I guess the whole way shows like Firefly, Farscape, Angel, Karen Sisco and Miracles have been treated the past couple of years just has me gun shy.

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