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January 13 2014

Why do you love Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The show airs on pivot tonight and the channel is looking for videos along these lines - "What's your story about Buffy? Why do you watch? Your video might just end up on pivot TV alongside your favorite vampire slayer".

I'd love "Buffy" a lot more if Pivot wasn't showing it in a widescreen aspect ratio that totally distorts the picture. Everyone is plump and short. Yuck.

What were they THINKING?
What ? why would they do that ? I love that they're showing Buffy, Farscape and Friday Night Lights, but that's really stupid.
Last thing I need at 5'10" and 280+.:-)
Distorted widescreen? Heresy!
Buffy the vampire Slayer was very much like my High School, I still as if the only time I'm out of my shell is my comic book store.
There were demons I had to fight, I didn't have the chance for University let alone prom. As I get older I realise I'm in the bracket of the end part of Angel, I'm still find my own place in this world.
I want my Scooby Gang and I don't want to be left behind and nibble by either clients of WolfRam and Hart, let alone the Hellmouth.

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