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January 13 2014

Bones to likely end with Season 10. FOX's Kevin Reilly at the TCA's today indicated that the David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel series will most likely end next season.

Knew that would happen once they moved it to Friday. :-(
10 seasons? My how time flies. Hard to believe David Boreanaz has been a fixture of television for almost 2 decades.

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10 seasons is a really good run, though.
10 seasons with a mostly stable cast, that's amazing. Why are people treating this as a bad thing. If that's confirmed at least writer can end things on their turns, instead of letting things just dwindle.
The way NBC killed off the original Law & Order is so sad, because the network did not allow producers didn't get to even do send-off at all, the season ended and the network just didn't pick it up. I wasn't a viewer, but that's so disrespectful if you have fans that have been with you for a long time.
Considering that the overwhelming majority of actors spend most of their time unemployed or underemployed in their chosen career, being in continuous employ either as a major character or star of your own show for 18 years is an incredible achievement.
One of my favorite shows, but this news is past due. They've been treading water for a couple seasons now.
I think 10 seasons is fantastic. It's even great if a show gets only 3 seasons as long as the writers and producers feel they've gotten to do all they wanted.
I'm trying to think of another TV actor who has done 18 seasons of TV in recent memory.
Great run! No one can ask for more than 10 seasons and over 200 episodes. Congrats all around on a monumental achievement.
Kelsey Grammer comes to mind.Just as Frasier Crane alone he was on Cheers from seasons 3-11.And then 11 seasons of Frasier.Plus he had two other series after that both short lived.Boss was his most recent one.
I think the show went off the rails when Brennan and Booth "got together." It didn't have to and could have been handled perfectly fine (see Castle); they just completely bobbled it. Their relationship became uninteresting and non-credible, Brennan didn't grow, and Booth turned into a twitchy jerk.
Gossi, Sam Waterston and Dan Florek both leap to mind :)

As for L&O: original recipe getting sent off unceremoniously, isn't there still some talk of bringing it back? I'd still watch, even though good grief I found the last few seasons brutal.

I haven't really been "in" to "Bones" for a long time, but I do enjoy Boreanaz on that show, I actually think it's a role that has been better for him than Angel was and I would make the argument on a neutral field that Booth might just be a better character.
Cancelled by FOX-picked up by NetFlix. (That's how I see it.) 10 years is a phenomenal run for that show. I never thought it would make that.

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