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January 14 2014

Can't Stop The Serenity Logo Contest NEW super-extended deadline. On accounta because they really need you and your Awesome Art Braining.

Can't Stop The Serenity (CSTS) yearly events raise thousands of dollars for Equality Now (the Jossir's favorite non-profit) and other charities. They need your logo design for their 2014 fundraising. (Thousands will see your logo and applaud! Seriousfully. And you'll be helping to end violence and discrimination against women. Ego-grat and altruism - a winning combination!)

The good folks at CSTS have just extended their logo contest deadline considerably - to February 1st - realizing that you need some (non-holiday) time to contact your Muse, and come up with that Logo to End All Logos.

To help get ya going, look at some past entries: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. If you need help with the contest guidelines/rules, feel free to contact CSTS. (ETF: typo.)

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There's been some great art over the years. You can see them over at if you want to get inspired. (They are all gathered in one spot as opposed to the links above.)

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