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January 14 2014

Scarlett Johansson talks about the Avengers 2 script. No plot points or anything, she just gives her thoughts on the script.

Take out the context that it's for Avengers 2 and I think her description (very cerebral, moving the characters forward, very dark but with a dry sense of humor & some great one liners) I think in essence could describe any Joss' really good projects.

I'm curious about what single line she felt merited singling out, typically it's hard to pull out just one moment in a project that just outshines nearly everything else.

Then when it comes to the Sodastream spiel she manages to slip into pretty organically though still a little awkward-- while I absolutely get the environmental benefit of the product, it never really occurred to me there was a lifestyle component?

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I think the one-liner comment refers to the style of humour, not an actual one-liner.
I agree with Simon.
Dark? Already imagining who is gonna die. Joking! Kinda.

Did we hear anything regarding Coulson showing up or not? I really hope Joss doesn't gloss over him even if Phil is a no show.

I'm really excited to see Whedon write Hawkeye because - for good reason - he wasn't himself the last time we saw him. And can have some awesome one-liners!

I'm pretty sure it's been said that Coulson won't be in the movie because it would be too much to explain how he's back on top of everything else happening in it.
"one-liner/glass-cutting sense of humor." I look forward to seeing all of her work, but til then, I'll go weep for the death of real editing.
It sounds like it's going to be amazing. I can't wait for 2015.
Her description of the script makes it sound exactly like everything I've wanted in the Avengers sequel. I know many folks here want Joss to move on to some other things, but I'd be ecstatic if he just kept making Avengers movies. What is the current wisdom, if any, on whether he'll be back for Avengers 3?

ETA - Also, I could not be more psyched that he's getting his dark on in the sequel. Anyone else think its possible Tony Stark doesn't come out of this alive?

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I doubt they would kill him now. Anyway, he signed a contract for Avengers 3 also. Iron Man from Beyond The Grave could be interesting...
Her description sounds like every Joss script!

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It doesn't sound like Joss's script for Avengers 1, at least not the "dark" part. But I guess the rest fits.

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