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January 14 2014

(SPOILER) Trailer for Agents of SHIELD 1.13. This episode (The Train Job?) will air on February 4th.

So the team's coming to Canada, from the looks of it...since the livery of the engine and rail coaches are VIA Rail (Crown Corporation/national railway) colours. Plus the shots of the train and the background scenery make it look like the Canadian (the train from Toronto ON to Vancouver BC)...someone has been reading Eric Wilson!

Welcome to the Great White North, boys and girls!

Not another break! Boo. But, cool suits and Stan, yay.
Is this pattern of two or three shows then a break normal for American TV? It seems very strange to me, if they want to build an audience.

I assume it's because no studio dares risk filming an entire season before it shows, as they tend to do over in the UK, because cancellation is instant, without even showing what is already in the can, so they are shooting all through the season, running to keep up.

It makes commercial sense of a sort, I suppose, but it just feels wrong to me.
Yeah, American shows that start in the fall break every few weeks, basically. It's so they have time to finish the episodes. Same for Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse season 2.

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I guess these breaks explain why channel 4 are holding back from showing episodes for a while.
"Series changing final act" Skye is gonna get shot and in the process discovers her "gift" or whatever and then turns into Super Skye. :) Got it.
"Series changing final act" Skye is gonna get shot and in the process discovers her "gift" or whatever and then turns into Super Skye. :) Got it.


Coulson dies! Again!
I always take it as a very good sign when people complain about a show "taking a break." This is very normal for US TV.

The last week of September to the 3rd week of May which is the typical US broadcast season is 35 weeks long. Most shows are 22-24 episodes at the very most so by absolute necessity the network has to air repeats 11-13 weeks out of that time if they want to stretch it out.

People only get annoyed when they really are invested and want to see the next ep as soon as possible. Very good sign!
It feels odd to me because I am used to the British three-season approach, with new 6,8 or 13-week shows starting in September, January and around Easter.

This, incidentally, is why I developed a loathing for snooker in the late 90s, because it kept on interrupting the BBC2 showing of BtVS. Little did I know I was probably better off than the original audience!
Isn't this tv-watching gonna change...?.., now with the InterWeb and all that. ;-)

Indeed IrrationaliTV, let's hope it is a good sign...

OT: I'm going to Much Ado tomorrow. In Amsterdam. Studio/K will have their personnel dressed up 'in character'... (Only tomorrow evening)
I know the breaks are very normal. They're also very annoying.
What is going to change, Mel_Anton is that as international networks refuse to air day and date with US networks, more people will steal the programming and then international networks will have lower ratings. As the international networks have lower ratings they will pay less for US programming which will then impact what US studios spend on shows. More "reality" programming and lower quality shows will result. Thanks, InterWeb! Thanks, piracy!
For the record I had a look at the BitTorrent numbers for last Agents of SHIELD episode, it was under 100k downloads worldwide. So BitTorrent doesn't really have much of an impact.
My comments were more on a macro scale, gossi. I wonder how much piracy has shifted from torrents to all those streaming sites these days.

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