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January 15 2014

Ratings for Agents of SHIELD episode 1.12 "Seeds". Last night's episode got a 2.2/6 in the 18-49 demo (the same as last week's finals).

Worth noting: the initial ratings for last week were 2.1/6 and were later adjusted up to 2.2/6. So, I'd expect this to bump up as well for a slight rise over last week's ratings.

Definitely seems like the ratings have leveled out, though.
Call it what it is, it's an INCREASE. Same as last week was an increase. It's stupid to compare initial to finals, especially when both weeks they go up by .1

So last week initials were 2.1 UP from the initials of the previous episode which was 2.0. Last week in the finals it was 2.2 UP from 2.1 in the finals for the episode before. This week the initials is 2.2 UP from last week's initials which was 2.1 and in the finals I'm sure we'll be UP to a 2.3 from last weeks finals figure of 2.2.

I've never seen TVBTN or any other site regularly try and compare finals to initials when dealing with a show that typically goes up in the finals. It's just blatantly incorrect.
Well said, Beth. This project our favorite girls and boys at Marvel Studios have got going is immense without equal. There are some growing pains/ adjustments to be made, but the phantom audience of males 18-49 is out there and they're realizing what to expect from MAoS.
Also worth noting: the only shows to have an increase over last week's initial ratings were NCIS, SHIELD, and The Goldbergs (which follows SHIELD). Everything else was either flat, or down (or weren't on last week...I didn't dig further back to see the last ratings for those).

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3rd episode in a row it has gone up in overnights. Press report the following weeks based on finals, which means they don't report the bumps up. SHIELD overruns a minute for the closing tag, which throws the Nielsen overnight system out.

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I've never seen other shows that typically adjust in the finals due to overrun reported as "even" or "down" based on finals from the prev week vs initials.
Beth, they do it for other shows. TVBTN exists to provide numbers and piss off fandoms. :) They are very very good at both things. Don't sweat it. Anyone with any knowledge about ratings knows to disregard the poor comparisons.

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It's nice to see the ratings have seemingly leveled out at a decent rate.
No adjustment in finals other than a few more total viewers.
Saw a nice message from Clark Gregg on his Facebook page, linking to an 'another ratings increase for SHIELD' with the message "That's right..."

Nice news indeed! I hope overall reviews will be positive again too.

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