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January 15 2014

Dark Horse megabundle: most digital Buffy comics to date for $50. This is available for a limited time in honor of Buffy's birthday and the start of Season 10. It doesn't include the Spike and Willow miniseries.

Thank you very much Sunfire. This is great!
Wow, I've been waiting for digital comic bundles to happen ever since bundled games on Steam were a big hit. This bundle has Season 8, Season 9 and the Willow one-shot. It doesn't appear to have the Spike/Willow miniseries (so the title here is slightly misleading). Hope we see a bundle for the Angel/Faith series someday too. Thanks!

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Oops. Missed that it doesn't include the miniseries. Headline corrected.
Actually I don't see the Willow one shot in there either. Not based on the listing on the main page, anyway.
As a now proud owner of the bundle I can confirm, that the bundle inclued 68 issues:
- Buffy Season 8, #1-#40. (40)
- Buffy Season 8 one-shots: Willow, Riley, Tales of the Vampires. (3).
- Buffy Season 9, #1-#25 (25)
That's pretty good. That would cost around $200 in single-issues. at a comic book shop.

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