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January 16 2014

Amy Adams and Chiwetel Ejiofor get nominated for Oscars. Amy got a Best Actress nomination for 'American Hustle' and Chiwetel a Best Actor nomination for '12 Years a Slave'.

Yet, I am puzzled by the strange, whose-ass-do-you-have-to-kiss Academy for failing to nominate Danny Strong's screenplay for "The Butler".
I don't think the Butler got anything. It was a very competitive year.
The Butler came out too early. Most awards nominated movies tend to come out in the later part of the year. Voters probably forgot about The Butler.
On my lunch and strolling by to see this post. So happy for them!

It's a shame for Danny.

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I'm flippin' out at the lack of Inside Llewyn Davis. By far my favorite film this year.

Ah well. Coens have had their years, I suppose.
I guess those of us holding our breath for a Fillion nom will soon suffocate.

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Lionsgate didn't do a For Your Consideration campaign for Much Ado as far as I can tell.
You're probably correct, Simon.

I'm happy for Chiwetel and Amy. I haven't had a chance to see either of their films. 12 Years a Slave came and went very quickly in my city, so when I went looking for it when I had the opportunity, it had gone. I hope it may come back, now that it's nominated.

I'm sad for Danny Strong. The film in general got snubs. And I was hoping Emma Thompson would get a nomination, just because I think she's great. Haven't seen that film, either, but so many people thought she was a shoe-in for a nom.
Nathan got nominated for...something for his role in Much Ado - I just read a brief interview with him. But there's so damn many awards shows this time of the year I can't keep track.

"12 Years" just took an award, didn't it? A Golden Globe, perhaps? Like I said, I can't keep track of these damn things - they're all blurring into each other at this point. Golden Globes, People's Choice, Oscars, Emmys, Film Critics....not to mention the entirely ridiculous amount of music awards.
12 Years a Slave is brilliant and devastating. Brad Pitt said in a cast interview I watched, he didn't understand why more films about slavery in America weren't made. And Chiwetel. What can you say about an artist this talented, brave, and empathic. There are no words. I have had to learn to temper my disappointment when people I consider to be true artists "lose" to the less talented; it is all so subjective. So 12 Years won no acting awards at the Golden Globes; I am still scratching my head over Michael Fassbender's multi-layered portrait of human evil losing to Jared Leto. And Chiwetel lost to Matthew McConaughey. I think the SAGS and Oscars, probably the BAFTAs too, will be a different kettle of fish for Chewie.

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Chiwetel is amazing in general, and also in 12 Years (which is a great movie and should be seen, by the way).
Those are both good I saw Iron Man 3 got a nomination...I think for visual effects.
I'm looking forward to "12 Years a Slave" (it will be in cinema's here in a little over a month), I'm watching Dancing on the Edge right now and Chiwetel is fantastic in it, he should have won a Globe for it.

I would really have liked to see a best actress nomination for Emma Thompson, "Saving Mr. Banks" was one of the most pleasantly surprising films I saw this year and her performance was simply outstanding. I liked the performances of Blanchett, Bullock and Dench too (haven't seen "American Hustle" or "August: Osage County"), but Thompson's portrayal of Pamela Travers impressed me most this year.

I agree with sumogrip that "Inside Llewyn Davis" deserved more appreciation from the Academy.
I can't get upset about Oscar snubs. I'm still concentrating on being upset about Tatiana Maslany.
Right there with you, redeem147... She deserved seven Golden Globes, both in the best actress and best supporting actress categories.
Absolutely. Couldn't see how any performance was more skillful than Tatiana Maslanys. If I hadn't known beforehand I would have thought there were different actresses playing the multiple parts she does in that show. She's that good!

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I'm a little sad that Much Ado didn't even seem to be part of the conversation, though a nomination was too much to expect. Amy Acker's performance is one of my favourites from this year.

And really, I've realised that I cared more about Tatiana Maslany's Golden Globes nod than I do about any of the Oscars. (Wouldn't it be great if she could work with Joss? He can cast her in any role he writes next, it doesn't matter what it is because she'd be able to play it.)
Although I was hoping for a Golden Globe for Chiwetel Ejiofor and was happy for Amy Poehler, Tatiana Maslany was the nominee I really wanted to see winning the Golden Globe.
I had to remind myself constantly, that all these parts are all played by her.
Amy's performance in Much Ado is the best thing she's ever done. She's stunning in it. The "If I Were A Man" conversation Beatrice has with Benedick about killing Claudio is one of my favourite ever Whedonverse scenes.

I did see some small chatter about Joss' score and Nathan being (very) outside candidates for an Oscar nomination but it was never going to happen. I found the movies that Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions put forward for the awards season.
Nice link, Simon. I haven't seen Gloria, but the others are all very worthy contenders. Stories We Tell is the only one I like more than Much Ado, though. If anyone hasn't seen it, I highly recommend. Really incredible.
I'm a bit confused, what's the Whedonverse connection with Amy Adams?
She played Cousin Beth in the Buffy episode 'Family'. It may be very obscure but we are know for that sort of detail.
IMDB dropped the ball big time then. Or I suck at reading since I must've missed that if it's indeed in there.

edit: I checked again. Of course it was the latter. ;)

edit2: So that makes American Hustle a three-way Buffyverse reunion between Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Rohm and Amy Adams. CRAZY!

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Agents of SHIELD trivia - Ruth Negga was in 12 Years A Slave but her role got cut.
That's funny, D-e-f. I knew about Amy Adams, but I didn't even notice that Elizabeth Rohm was in American Hustle. Must be the hair.

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