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January 16 2014

Tom Hiddleston: from Thor to a sell-out Coriolanus. The Telegraph has a lengthy profile/interview.

It's also good to know that the January 30th performance will be broadcast live courtesy of National Theatre Live (as they've recently done with David Tennant's turn as Richard II). NOTE: In some cases it may be a "captured live" recording of the event.

Many cinemas worldwide are participating. You can check availability in your area via this direct link for the event.

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Many are also broadcasting an encore showing a few days later. The nearest to me is a couple of hours away, so the 30th was out of the question due to work, but they have an encore on Sunday the 2nd, which is perfect.
Worth bearing in mind that the NTLive broadcasts are selling out too. So book when you can. Coriolanus has an extended run now with tickets being issued in a draw.
It tickles me no end that Hiddleston is making Coriolanus sell out. It's not exactly on the "greatest hits" list.

Got my tickets for an NTL encore showing. (As well as for the reverse-cast Frankenstein and for War Horse... oh I love NTL so much.)
I have now added the word "stonking" to my vocabulary. Thanks, Tom. :)

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