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January 17 2014

Clare Kramer talks about her new movie 'Big Ass Spider!'. The movie is out now. You can watch the opening scene here (bonus if you like The Pixies as well as big ass spiders).

Much as I love Clare, I won't watch it on principle because of the title.
DaddyCat, this is purely out of curiosity, not trying to bait you here-What is it about the title? Do you not like spiders? Is it offensive to you? Is it that it is too silly? Again, just curious as to why the title would instantly rule out a viewing?
Totally, serious, I'm a severe language prude. Plus nobody had commented and it seemed kind of empty, y'know:-).
Oh, DaddyCat, you big loveable goofball. For all you know the movie is about a large donkey that has 8 legs.

Actually, from what Clare says, this film walks the very fine line between comedy and parody, but has a complex lead. Sounds like it could be good.

She said something about practical effects vs. CGI FX which made me think - the problem (read: extreme cornballness) of a lot of Sci-Fi movies (Sorry; I still refuse to call that channel Siffy) is that their effects are so bad, and maybe the reason the actors have a hard time delivering their lines believably is because they're dealing with big rubber monsters or something so ludicrous they can't keep a straight face.

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