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January 17 2014

Dollhouse's Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas join 'Agent Carter'. Deadline says they are writing/executive producing the Marvel show. More details at The Hollywood Reporter.

Cool! I wasn't sure this was actually moving forward. I like their pedigree, between Dollhouse and Reaper. Wonder if Joss wrote a nice letter of recommendation, heh.
Some ratings websites: SHIELD isn't successful.

ABC and Marvel, apparently: let's make another SHIELD show.
They could air back to back or a two hour power block or whatever they call it in tv land.
Really glad that they have women as the creative team and that the series is definitely being developed (even if it hasn't been picked up yet)
They are also showrunners for this new show called Resurrection. This didn't work out well when Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear were essentially working on Terriers and Chicago Code at the same time.

Also, Resurrection sounds a lot like The Returned on Sundance.
Ryan and Minear didn't work on Terriers and Chicago Code and the same time. Terriers was complete and in the can before it even aired (if I remember correctly). Chicago Code filmed after it was finished.

Butters and Fazekas are writers on Resurrection. They aren't the creators or showrunners. That show is also probably done shooting and they can easily move on.

And also, Yay! Fabulous news!

Edit to correct my error. My info was wrong, they were named as the showrunners of Resurrection at one point. Guessing Resurrection is going to be a one and done show (looks like a limited series to me) or they have someone ready to step up to run it.

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Also, regardless of timing on Terriers and Chicago Code, both shows were great.
I never really got into Chicago Code, although I liked what they were going for. I guess I'm not a big cop show person anyway. Terriers, on the other hand...breaks my heart we didn't get a second season, that was fantastic. I'm so happy for Tim that he's found a hit that's right in his wheelhouse with American Horror Story. I give him a lot of credit with the overall upward trend in quality on that show.
So how long until another former Whedon writer signs on for the other Marvel TV shows(mainly the netflix ones)? Not that I'm complaining.

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