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January 17 2014

Jaimie "Sif" Alexander will appear in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode 15. ABC announced it at their TCA panel today.

This is so great and it is a good compromise like having Iron Man is probably unlikely to happen but Sif is still a pretty important movie character and Jaimie easier to secure for the show.
....I wonder if this may potentially have something to do with that Asgardian who was once one of the Berserker army, but who left their ranks all that long while ago to settle down on Midgard, and who then fell in love with a mortal, etc., etc. - to ultimately end up a professor....? Not sure if he's been tapped to return, though he was such a fascinating character with that absolute wealth of backstory to explore that I'm sure they must have more than considered it!.... But either way, though, this news sends me into absolute transports of delight and fangirling glee. :D This, right here, *this* is my own Dance of Joy. ;)

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Speaking of all things Asgardian, is there a possibility this is connected with Skye's 0-8-4 status?
Love her (Jaimie and Sif) and love this news!
Yay! But wait, if Sif meets Coulson then she will surely tell Thor of whatever glorious adventure they share and Thor will know Phil is alive. Then, Thor will casually wonder where Agent Coulson is the next time he meets the Avengers - cue chaos.

Loki would be proud.

/we can only hope ;p
Sif is one of the biggest fan favourites in the MCU so well played.
I've dropped Agents of SHIELD, but I'll check out this episode. I really enjoy her as Sif and I'd like to see her outside of being a supporting Thor character. Also, she did this.

Some people have mentioned that it seemed like some of her scenes in Thor 2 may have ended up on the cutting room floor, since there was some Sif/Jane/Thor material that never really paid off.
Ok, areacode212, now I heart her even more.
Am I the only one who considers casting spoilers to be spoilers - at least when they reveal what character is going to show up?

I don't mind knowing things like "Stan Lee is going to be on AoS" because it doesn't reveal any plot information - he could be playing anyone. But this is telling us the character, not just the actor, who will be showing up, which implies things about the plot.

I already got spoiled for this by AoS's Facebook feed earlier today. It bothers me that the creators of the show (and Whedonesque, but I'm more forgiving of 'esque since the creators of the show already blasted it all over the place) just assume that fans of the show are happy to see this kind of information, and that there aren't any of us who want to be surprised by it when it happens.
Am I the only one who considers casting spoilers to be spoilers - at least when they reveal what character is going to show up?

It depends. If it's something like, say, Juliet Landau appearing in then yes, that would be a spoiler. But in this case, as you've noticed, they're not trying to keep it a secret at all (practically every geek media site has tweeted about it), so Sif appearing is most likely not going to be some kind of huge surprise.

Plus, it's just good business to advertise that a character from one of the biggest movies of last year is going to be on your show.

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Anything that is used in promos and ads for the show is not a true spoiler IMO. It is no different than posting that RDJ has signed up for The Avengers 2 and 3.
I think there's been a cultural shift away from fans not wanting to know about guest star news. And if ABC are blowing their trumpets about Jaime, there's not much people can do to avoid being spoiled.

And I admire Disney's efforts to get Sif appearing on Agents of SHIELD around the same time as the release of Thor 2 on DVD & Blu-ray.

Presumably when the second Captain America movie is available to buy, we'll see a similar situation towards the end of the year.
If I'm understanding you correctly Simon, ScarJo must be in the season finale.
How cool would that be?
More likely to see Sam Jackson again than ScarJo.
or Cobie or Emily Van Camp. :)
I like her in the Thor films, but she has been really underused in those along with the other Asgardians not named Thor and Loki. Hopefully the AoS writers give her something cool to do.
More Sif is always good news in my book.
It seems plausible that when Alexander injured herself while making Thor 2 that must have been one reason why it felt like she ended up being less important than they initially set up she might be. (Then again, maybe the [reasonable] reshoots for more Loki could have unfortunately taken away some screentime for others as they try to keep to a certain runtime.

I'm not sure if I'm more excited about this or the prospect of Agent Carter working out.
So I guess now we know what Clark Gregg's twitter hint in response to the person asking about Marvel characters was all about.
I think this helps my theory that there is some link between the Aether from Thor 2 and Extremis.
Extremely happy about more Sif!

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