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January 17 2014

Jewel Staite's "State of Syn" premieres tomorrow on Hulu. Following up on the Nov. 7 posting announcing this project, the series goes live on Saturday.

Anyone else watch it?
I didn't--is it a Hulu plus offering? I don't have that. The show certainly sounds different based on what little I've read about it.
No Hulu plus subscription required. Just go to and search for the name (there's a curious lack of promotion on their front page).

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I enjoyed the story, but I'm not a huge fan of the format. And it was really short - 8 episodes of 5 minutes each made the whole thing feel like one episode of a normal show, rather than a whole season.

There's one moment where a character needs a doctor and I kept expecting Annika to call out for Simon...

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