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January 19 2014

Mark Ruffalo on Avengers: Age of Ultron - "It's better, it's cooler, it's more awesomer". He talked to MTV News briefly about the sequel and said that Bruce Banner "gets to do such great stuff".

This is what I hoped. Ultron is such a complex character, can even one movie cover it?
I love Mark. All these interviews (plus Joss's commentary that I just finished listening to) are making me wish 2014 passes as quickly as 2013 did so I can see this awesomer dark witty movie.

I wish an interviewer asks Jeremy if he read the script too - I'm really hoping to see more of the Hawkeye story Joss was hinting at.
On a meta level, I'm excited to see what the story becomes once it enters the edit bay. Much Ado gave Joss perspective and the first film became true ensemble because of it. I wonder if the story will shift now Joss has a proven handle on the scale and characters.
Like that thinking, @Jaymii. I'm also wondering whether Joss will decide to direct another Shakespeare in between filming AoU and its edit....

Personally, I'm hoping for Othello....
With DC falling on the scheduling sword with the Superman/Batman thing and Star Wars already moved back to Christmas, summer of 2015 is definitely looking like Joss Dominates The Universe II. Can't wait!

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