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"Harmony has minions?"
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March 11 2004

TV Tropes and Idioms An odd and occasionally entertaining breakdown of character and plot cliches, narrative tropes and idioms, cataloged with examples, including some from the Jossverse...

...most interestingly, one that cites (disapprovingly) Fred in "Shells" (Distressed Damsel). Buffy and Firefly are also occasionally given as examples...

Oooooh, I like.
A little off-topic, but I'm laughing at this almost message-board-like entry under the heading 'Gar Funkel':

Character that receives equal billing but is incidental to the point of irrelevance. "Greg" of "Dharma and Greg".

Hey! Garfunkel was essential! You think Simon could hit those high notes?

Greg wasn't irrelevant!

Is Will & Grace a double GarFunkel?

Jones The Cat
Any utterly helpless or powerless victim whose primary purpose is to allow the audience to empathize while providing the opportunity for the hero to overcome their own fears and ultimately risk their life on that character's behalf.

Prominent in science fiction, and stereotyped by the Alien collection of films (Alien - The original feline Jones, Aliens - Newt, Alien Resurrection - Winona Ryder.)

Buffy's Willow.


That's a bit of oversimplification, especially without any words of explanation.

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