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January 20 2014

Too pretty to die: the ultimate statue of Malcolm Reynolds. io9 have an exclusive first look at the latest QMx statue, plus there's a Firefly/X-Files poster, a "cutaway" version of Serenity and a "Leaf on the Wind" pendant.

My first thought on seeing his face: "It's Castle." Then I read the comments...

The X-Files-fly poster is cool. The rest...not so much. The cutaway Serenity is a neat idea, but they "cheated" on the dining room chairs (they're all the same!) and it doesn't look like they got a lot of interior detail. And, like many in the comments, I don't really care for the giant FOX and QMX logos on the pendant. (Maybe if they were smaller?)
When I saw the unpainted prototype I thought it was amazing. Now seeing the fully painted version I am disappointed.
Am I wrong to think the face looks more like Man of Steel Zod? Not as much in profile, though.
I love the pendant.
Pendant is gold, even with the logos

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