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January 21 2014

Joss Whedon is on tonight's broadcast of Pop-Corn Sur Le Mouv'. He's over in Paris for tonight's French premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. He'll be on the radio at 18:30 (CET/GMT+1). Listen to it live here or check back later for the podcast. Update: The interview is now available on the radio station's website. There's also another interview with him at France Culture.

I'm so glad to be French sometimes ! :D
I just moved out of Paris two weeks ago, bad timing ! But I saw Joss twice last year (in Dublin and London), I'm not complaining. But it would've been nice to greet him in my native country :)
My French is awful so I have no idea what Joss is saying.
@Simon I could've helped you haha !
Fun interview ! although it's a shame I couldn't hear most of what Joss what saying because of the interpreter.

He did another radio interview afterwards on "France Culture". You (French speakers) can listen to it here :

It's a lot less fun than the first one, but some interesting stuff, but the interpreter wasn't very good, we're missing a lot of things (damn that radio format !)
I tried to listen for awhile and had fun imagining Joss wearing a beret and smoking Gauloises from an elegant cigarette holder because he is just that damn cosmpolitan now, flitting from Venice to France to God knows where to be interviewed (next Minsk and The Netherlands, Transylvania?), leaving all us little people in America behind to hobnob with the European literati, glitterati, and filmerati (I made a word!). And plus, interview in Paris, just so damn sexy. I tried Joss, but it was a little too Question, Joss answers, your answer translated on top of you while you're still talking. The world wants you and it's a good thing.

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Yay! I finally saw Joss, after about 15 years of worshipping. He's definitely much too nice, and spent a lot of time signing stuff and taking pictures. I think the people who went to the premiere to see a Shakespeare movie were a little bit surprised.

I would post a video of the questions after the movie, but there was also a real camera, so I'm sure a better quality video will be uploaded at some point. The questions were not particularly inspired, but someone pointed out yesterday was the international hug day. It didn't work :)

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What did Joss say about Avengers 3 and Agents of SHIELD in the Pop-Corn Sur Le Mouv' interview?
(I'm loosely translating the translation)

About SHIELD, he said that his entourage doesn't allow him to hear criticism, that the show will live its life, and that he's waiting for someone to tell him he's lost his touch, but so far it's not coming. He says the interviewer's friends (who criticise SHIELD) are not fun.

He hopes there will be a Dr. Horrible 2, everybody's willing, but he first needs to stop doing avengers movies.

Would he entrust someone else to be the director for Avengers 3? He would entrust a lab rat, or a mouse, at this point, but so far he's busy with Avengers 2. (I'm not sure what that meant either)
Thanks very much for that.

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