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January 22 2014

Pics of Joss Whedon at the French premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. There's a video of him signing autographs on the red carpet as well. Update More pics can be found on the movie's Facebook page and the French distributors made a video about the premiere.

Lucky people. One day... *sigh*
It seems that he signed autographs and posed for pictures afterwards as well.
He did. It took him a long time to exit the room. I think everyone who asked got something.
Fashionable. Distinguished. But lest you take him too seriously... the sneakers.
I added another link to pics on Facebook.
And Alexis was there? Who else?
Alexis wasn't there. Or he was well hidden. Only Joss spoke.
He tweeted "Merci Paris! Tres Gentil!" so I thought he was there.
Alexis next tweet thereafter: @AsTheSnowFalls2: Did you go to Paris!? Non. Malheureusement."
Another video from Paris.
Thanks. I've added to the entry and to the Q&A as well.

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