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January 22 2014

The much anticipated trailer for 'Lust for Love'! Epic Dollhouse reunion goodness. Check out the poster as well. The trailer is also on YouTube and is available for pre-ordering on iTunes.

This looks so great! "Oh yeah, well you're a head buttee." Heee
Looks fun! I loved seeing Felicia. And am I imagining things, or did Maurissa show up for about two seconds?

"I don't want to wear my pants anymore" ... definitely my favorite line. LOL.
Wow! That went to the media before Kickstarter backers. Can't say I'm surprised with that poor decision since the KS backers have never been treated particularly well with this production. Interesting how the Veronica Mars trailer was seen by KS backers first.
erendis: Definitely Maurissa at 1:42.
Maybe I'm being super dumb, but... I can't see the trailer? Like... where is it? I don't see a trailer anywhere, anything that I can hit play! Help?
IrationaliTV, we went with the Veronica Mars plan of EW and Kickstarter launch at same time but the timings slipped on the email out.

Maurissa's in there. She's super cute. There should be a Maurissa spin off.

maxsummer, it should be at the bottom. If you don't have Adobe Flash installed it might not show up. It will be on YouTube tomorrow.
I have it and it's all updated and stuff, but oh well, I'll wait for it tomorrow then. Thanks.
That looks fun.
What's the pop song being played towards the end of the trailer?
Looks cute. But I'm not holding my breath that I'll get my copy before it is released everywhere. The Kickstarter backers have indeed been roundly ignored.
Looks adorable and quirky and fun.

So am I going to cry? ;-)
We're releasing to backers with digital copies on February 7th, same as VOD and On Demand date - a link will go out. We sent this out on a Kickstarter update but I'm not sure everybody saw it yet.

There's been a whole of rewards fulfilled, from online chats to parties to a dinner at Dichen's house with fans to a backer in the movie to a screening etc etc. So we're working through them. In terms of physical deliverables, we're arranging things.
maxsummers: If you're using a Javascript blocker, you'll need to allow brightcove (also some ad-blockers may block as well.)
An earlier but complete version of the film was shown to potential distributors last year in L.A.; I flew out and saw it there, since Mrs. Demon has a small role in it. It was already quite nice then, and my impression from watching the trailer is that the sound track has been considerably enhanced music-wise.

It is quite a tour-de-force for Fran Kranz, by the way.
This is a serious Dollhouse Reunion. More than just Fran and Dichen as the linked page says.

The cast listed at the end of the trailer includes:

Fran Kranz
Dichen Lachman
Enver Gjokaj
Miracle Laurie
Felicia Day
Maurissa Tancharoen

There's probably a scene or two at the end of Season 2 of Dollhouse with all of them on screen at the same time, right?

(And I was quite wrong but I thought I saw Eliza in the middle at 2:15. Obviously not when I replayed it, but for a moment there...)
You could add costume designer Shawna Trpcic to the list as well.
This looks really good. Proof that Fran Kranz is a leading man. Also, Enver!!!

This comes out on my birthday. What a great giftie!
I can't wait to see the whole thing. What a great cast! And it looks like a fun, charming story as well.
I'm really excited for everyone to see this. The cast and crew worked so hard on this and were always in high spirits. Anton and Dichen have put so much into L4L, much more than I've put into anything, ever.

I'm honored and proud to have been apart of a production put together by such a close-knit group. The love they put into this on and off screen is what made it happen.
A great trailer. I don't like romcoms as a rule, but this looks charming.
Same here, Effulgent, but with that cast, I'll probably see it numerous times!
My favorite bit was the "standing on my hand" part. I literally LOLed. This is the kind of date movie I could get behind!
Has potential, though I really hope Dichen Lachman's character doesn't turn out to be as Manic Pixie Dream Girl as in the trailer.
This was the very first Kickstarter project I ever backed. I'm so excited that it's going to be available soon, and looks even better than I expected. I already love Fran Kranz, but this trailer made me love him just a little bit more.
What does VOD mean? And does "On Demand" mean I can order through Comcast?
It's on Comcast and all major US and Canadian cable from Feb 7 onwards. VOD = Video On Demand (iTunes, Google Play, YouTube rental, Amazon video, Xbox 360 and One, Playstation 3 and 4). Full list is up at the Lust for Love website. iTunes Pre-Order is up too.

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Direct TV was listed too, so I sure hope I can see it there. Can't wait for this!
Yep, DirecTV too.

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